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Hertis’ Full Range of Wine Closures and Products


Herti will exhibit the full range of its wine closures and also a variety of all its products for the spirits, olive oil and non alcoholic beverages. Our team of experts will be glad to meet you and give all details about production cycle, design possibilities and delivery terms.

“Vinstar” is the trademark under which Herti sells its wine designed aluminum closures. Beside the most preferred size PP30x60 mm BVS, for standard wine bottles, the company manufactures other sizes such as 22×15, 22×30, 25×17, 25×43 and 30×24 mm, which are widely used for smaller and miniature bottles in the airplanes and mini- bars in 16 standard stock colors and numerous possibilities for decoration and design. It makes our screw caps the perfect choice for wine makers.  

Herti US, Inc
WIN Expo Booth: 418

Herti is a trusted partner for brand protection. The driving force of the Company is the development of innovative ideas corresponding to the company slogan “Your brand tomorrow is our business today”.  Founded as a start-up company specialized in metal packaging and producing only two kinds of aluminum caps, Herti is now a public company with subsidiaries in the UK, France, Germany, United States and Romania.

Herti manufactures aluminum screw caps in more than 40 different sizes with a diameter varying from 17 to 43 mm and height from 12 to 60 mm. They are used for sealing bottles with various capacities starting from 50 ml to a gallon (4.54 l). The variety of sizes, shapes and printing possibilities helps   manufacturers   to create attractive packaging for their many different brands. Customers may choose from different design options up to 5 colors offset printing, matt, semi-matt and glossy finish, hot- foil printing, embossing and top-relief.

For almost 30 years we have served our customers safely and reliably. We are committed to supporting business growth and economic development. The company offers high quality products and after sales service and traceability of products. No matter where you are, you always have the service

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