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Crush2Cellar Announces New Equipment Offerings for Willamette Valley Wineries 


November 15th – Newberg, Oregon – The Willamette Valley’s one-stop shop for winemaking products  and supplies is expanding their portfolio. Crush2Cellar is excited to announce they will now be offering  industry-leading crush and processing equipment from the world’s top vendors and manufacturers, including Willmes Presses, Armbruster Rotovib Destemmers, and Pall Crossflows. 

With its patented vibrating technology, the Rotovib Destemmer provides the gentlest handling of fruit,  yielding the maximum number of whole berries with a minimum amount of stems, ensuring fruit is  processed under the best conditions. Rotovibs are the highest quality, longest lasting, easy to maintain  destemmer on the market at a competitive price.  

Pall’s Oenoflow PRO XL-A and XL-S Crossflow filters are setting new standards for quality, yield, and  efficiency. This state-of-the-art crossflow filtration system continues to modernize wine clarification  through automation and connected software systems, a more compact footprint, reduced waste volumes,  and better process control.  

Since inventing the pneumatic grape press in 1951, Willmes has continued to innovate and improve their  patented press technology. Crush2Cellar is proud to offer both their flagship SIGMA press – the world’s  most modern and efficient press with vertical flexi-drains – and the MERLIN PLUS+ press with double sided membrane technology and gentle pressing for optimal results. 

Local wine industry veterans Sebastien Marquet, C2C’s Commercial Director, and Rick Mafit, Equipment  Sales Consultant, are partnering to bring a combined 30+ years of experience to Oregon wineries. 

Sebastien and Rick aim to bring a hands-on, multigenerational, and friendly approach to equipment  purchases, installation, and technical support. 

Mr. Marquet comments, “this is not only an exciting step forward for C2C but also for Willamette Valley  wineries. Being able to get the highest quality equipment for your crushpad right here from a trusted, local  source – coupled with hands-on technical support and service – is a game changer. Whether you are  looking for a new destemmer, press or crossflow filter – now or in the future – we can help you plan for  many harvests to come and help you develop a five-year plan for your crushpad.”  

Sebastien Marquet is responsible for driving new business and managing both customer and vendor  relationships for C2C. Sebastien works closely with C2C’s winery customers in the Willamette Valley to  help advise on winemaking products, tools, and techniques. Originally hailing from Northern Burgundy,  Sebastien’s wine roots run deep, and his experience spans marketing, winemaking, wine production, and  vineyard consulting throughout France and the United States. When he’s not at Crush2Cellar’s home  office in Newberg, Oregon you can find him on his sailboat in the San Francisco Bay. 

Rick Mafit has over 30 years of Oregon wine industry experience, focusing on technical winemaking  equipment and sales. Rick consults with wineries throughout the Willamette Valley and operates his own  local winery in his downtime.  

Due to global shipping delays and supply chain disruptions, Sebastien and Rick highly recommend  placing orders as soon as possible to ensure wineries receive their new equipment in time for 2022  harvest. Contact Crush2Cellar today for more information or to receive a quote. 

About Crush2Cellar

Crush2Cellar is the one-stop-shop for premium winery supplies. Located in the heart of the Willamette  Valley, C2C works with wineries of all sizes to provide everything from yeast, bacteria, nutrients, and  tannins; to cleaning and cellar supplies, tanks, fittings, valves, hoses and a comprehensive selection of  chemicals and lab equipment. Founder Terry Sherwood is a fixture in the Oregon wine industry, having  spent the last 25 years keeping the region’s wineries well-stocked. Born of his passion, experience and  knowledge, Terry decided to open a store that would make essential winemaking products easily  accessible not just for the wineries in the Willamette Valley, but across the United States as well. In 2015,  with the help of son Tyler Sherwood, daughter Caylee Rojas, and Danielle Koepke, Terry’s vision was  realized and Crush2Cellar was born.

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