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Cool & Smart Chillers Offer Unsurpassed Four-Year Warranty


Huber-USA is the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation in research and industry. The German-made precision machines now being offered to the wine industry at WIN EXPO 2021 offer a “set it and forget it” ease of usage, with a four-year warranty unparalleled in the beverage industry.

Founded in the late 1960’s, Huber is a family-owned company, working in the pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, cannabis, and automotive industries for fifty-three years. Their experience makes them a leader in the industry of temperature control. They have won top honors for medium-sized companies in Germany multiple times, as well as being selected for the 8th time as one of the TOP 100 most innovative companies.

William Gorman, a sales director for Huber-USA, discusses that the machines he will be showcasing at the WIN Expo are, “very affordable and robust solutions for the wine industry.” He explains that Huber-USA is offering seven Huber-trained service technicians scattered around North America, with a 24-7 service support call center. Importantly, notes Gorman, “We answer our phones!” They will be at your facility within 72 hours or less. Gorman is secure in their chillers’ quality, saying, “We are confident enough to offer a complete warranty on our products for up to 4 full years.”

Huber-USA offers temperature control models ranging from as little as 280 Watts, all the way up to outdoor units producing 70kW. Gorman says, “We want customers to know that you will get the appropriately sized unit for your needs, each and every time based on actual calculations. We are professionals and will stand behind our recommendations.” Thus tailored to the size of your requirements, Huber-USA’s products currently safeguard precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and various production processes. They will ensure that they are meeting the customer’s expectations.

Huber-USA is presenting high-quality glycol chillers with an air-cooled refrigerating unit and circulation pump made of stainless steel. The housing, atmospheric open tank, and copper soldered evaporator are all made of stainless steel. Each has a digital level indicator. The condenser for outdoor operations is an air-cooled design, performance-optimized by a built-in high-efficiency fan motor. The powerful feed pump offers integrated over temperature protection. To set it for your conditions, the flow rate can be adjusted via the manual bypass valve on the backside of the chiller.

The wide scope of product range offers solutions for all thermoregulation tasks, from -125C to +425°C. Bringing their vision of pairing German engineering with the wine industry, they have temperature control solutions to meet all applications. They are so confident, that they are offering an unmatched warranty of four years and 24/7 service support!

A small model unit will be on display in booth #106 at the WIN Expo 2021, held on December 2nd at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA.

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