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Cult Wines Launches New Investment Platform That Makes Investing in Fine Wine More Accessible and Enriching


Led by Former Vanguard Canada CEO Award-Winning Company Blazes New Trail to Introduce a More Rewarding Way to Invest 

TORONTO (November 2, 2021) Cult Wines, a global fine wine portfolio management and  investment company transforming the fine wine industry, today unveiled a new platform that  redefines how consumers invest in wine. Responding to significant market growth over the  last 18 months which has seen Cult Wines’ assets under management increase to  CAN$330m, the company has created greater accessibility to the asset class, introduced elevated experiences and significantly invested in sophisticated data science and proprietary  technology to provide an offering unlike anything on the market today. 

Changing the face of wine investment forever, the Cult Wine Investment platform turns the  traditional investment playbook on its head by emphasising enjoyment and discovery of wine while making investing in it even simpler and more accessible than ever before. With just  four simple steps, anyone from experienced investors to wine lovers to novice investors can  build a customised portfolio of investment grade wine and start enjoying enriched benefits  immediately. Significantly lowering the investment threshold, clients can now build a  rewarding wine portfolio starting from $12.5k. 

The Cult Wines Americas team benefits from the leadership of CEO Atul Tiwari, former CEO  of Vanguard Canada, where along with his team, he led the business in growth from $3  billion in assets to over $30 billion. He is joined by Vanguard’s former Head of Marketing  Carrie Tuck, who serves as CMO of Cult Wines Americas.  

“Historically, the wine investment category has been perceived as only for the wealthy, or  those with considerable wine knowledge. We know that is not the case and are enabling  more people to invest effectively while maintaining the client service, impeccable standards, and returns for which we are known,” said Tiwari. “Equally important is the investment we  have made in developing technology that gives our team of experts unrivalled tools to  complement their market expertise.” 

Leveraging over ten years of consistent performance and returns for clients in 80 countries,  the company has built a superior platform that provides better functionality, an intuitive user  experience and impactful investment data and insights. Seamlessly paired with a team led  by Chartered Financial Analysts® and WSET Level 3 holders, the company delivers best in  class management that sets a new industry standard. 

“We looked at what we had done previously and explored optimising user experience and  how we build, balance and allocate portfolios using proprietary tools and modelling to seek the highest yields possible for our clients,” stated Corey Parkinson, Global Head of Product.  “Every aspect of the platform, from digital onboarding, automated portfolio generation and  our client portal have been re-imagined using a best practice tech stack and data science  approach. These tools enable our team to maximise their insights and experience to deliver  an unparalleled customer experience.” 

New tools include Vintel, a proprietary tool for automatically evaluating, analysing, allocating  wines, generating and actively managing portfolios. Clients will benefit from digital 

onboarding and a web app where they can track their portfolio, see curated offers specific to  them, receive buy and sell recommendations from the Cult Wines Investment Committee,  liaise with their relationship manager, deposit funds, set up regularly monthly deposits and  explore a programme of events and experiences around wine. 

As a key component of the new platform, the Customer Experience programme for Cult  Wine Investment has been dialled up to bring passion and wine exploration to the forefront. 

“Many producers are reviewing their business models in light of new technologies, global  reach and a customer first approach,” noted Patrick Thornton-Smith, Chief Experience  Officer. “Cult Wines is mirroring these practices in our approach to contribute to the  continued evolution of the fine wine industry as well as broaden the audience around the  world. We aim to actively increase the opportunity to experience the world’s finest leading  wine brands in a tangible way. Wine is inherently enjoyable, investing in it should be too.” 

Leveraging the network of relationships and community established over the years, clients  will benefit from access to private vintage releases, experiences with renowned chefs and  bespoke trips to prestigious estates among other money-can’t-buy benefits. A core  component of the CX programme will be introducing clients to producer’s unique histories,  terroirs, and values. 

“At Cult Wines, we passionately believe that an investment in wine benefits you more richly  than traditional – or even other alternative – investments. We know our customers love wine,  so it was a natural extension to take our community on a journey of wine discovery,  connecting them with like-minded wine enthusiasts and providing a plenitude of exclusive  experiences,” continued Tiwari. 

As part of the new platform, the company has introduced four account types – Cru Classe,  Premier Cru, Grand Cru and Cult Cru – that provide clients with the benefits of bespoke  services, exclusive offers and a world of wine discovery, with industry low fees for fully  managed accounts. Opening the door to more investors, the Cru Classe account begins with  a CAN$12.5K investment and unique to Cult Wines, features the world’s first automated and  customised account with live allocation. The portfolio is built in real time according to risk  appetite and investment horizon, with clients able to view the wines in their portfolio before  confirming, after which the wines are immediately allocated. 

We believe the key to the success of our new platform will be the unique blend of wine  knowledge, the expert guidance of our relationship managers, the powerful technology  underpinning the portfolio, and the human expertise from our investment committee and  portfolio managers,” noted Tiwari. “Together with our superior Customer Experience  programme that leverages our relationships and draws on our shared values between wine  estates and producers, we have a truly unmatched and game changing proposition.” 

For more information, please visit www.cultwines.com and www.wineinvestment.ca 


Founded in 2007, Cult Wines is redefining how consumers buy, sell and invest in fine wines  with intuitive digital platforms, powerful data driven technology and globalised infrastructure.  Through a series of technological applications and strategic partnerships with a focus on 

data and community, the company provides superior price transparency and empowers  consumers to make informed decisions. Headquartered in the UK, Cult Wines has offices in  Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US. For more information, please visit  http://www.cultwines.com/ or find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 


Cult Wine Investment, the world’s leading fine wine portfolio and investment management  company, is setting a new industry standard. The award-winning company, which manages  wine portfolios worth more than CAN$330m, makes investing in fine wine as enjoyable and  rewarding as the wine itself. Combining a love of fine wine and market-leading industry  knowledge with the latest technology, Cult Wine Investment analyses and unlocks the  market for clients around the world. Wine enthusiasts and investors alike choose Cult Wine  Investment not merely for the extensive financial expertise, but for the shared passion for  fine wine, and access to likeminded wine lovers, renowned experts, exclusive events and  bespoke experiences. Headquartered in the UK, Cult Wines was founded in 2007 and has  offices in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US supporting clients in more than  80 countries. For more information, please visit http://www.wineinvestment.ca or find us on  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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