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What’s America’s Favorite Wine for the Winter Holidays? Yes, It’s Merlot


Study: Merlot is Top Choice for Holiday Enjoyment and Gifting; Bread & Butter Wines Foresees Trend with Introduction of California Merlot

Napa, CA— October 27, 2021— Results from a recent survey* show that wine drinkers will be uncorking a LOT of Merlot this holiday season, proving this historic varietal has reached a milestone in its exciting revival. 

Merlot was cited more than any other variety as the wine to be enjoyed, and preferred, during the winter holiday season, with red blends and Cabernet Sauvignon taking the number two and three positions. In fact, red wines were the preferred alcohol beverage for the winter holidays by 72% of survey respondents, and 71% plan to give red wine as a holiday gift.

“Bread & Butter has impressed wine lovers with its good, honest and delicious wines, and this Merlot will be no exception,” said Jeff Ngo, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Bread & Butter Wines. “The survey shows that Americans are ready for our rich, soft, decadent and classically-styled Merlot. We are excited to help wine drinkers discover or rediscover this historic variety. As we like to say, ‘this is not your Dad’s Merlot, unless he liked really good Merlot.’”

Bread & Butter California Merlot is priced at $14.99 in most markets, which hits a sweet spot for survey respondents; 68% said they typically spend between $10-$20 on one bottle of wine during the winter holiday season.

“Now is the perfect time to launch a varietally-accurate Merlot – just in time for the holiday season,” Ngo added.

The Merlot joins Bread & Butter’s portfolio of red wines, including the #1 Pinot Noir** and the fastest growing Cabernet***.  Bread & Butter California Merlot 2019 (SRP: $14.99) is available online at www.breadandbutterwines.com and nationally at wine retailers this month. 

About Bread & Butter Wines

At Bread & Butter, we believe good things shouldn’t be complicated. Good things should just be Good. Honest. Simple. And the same goes for our wine. We make good, honest, delicious wines meant to be simply enjoyed. We know that a good bottle of wine is an easy, thoughtful thing in a world that’s usually neither. So, if life doesn’t suddenly get easier (and it won’t), we are here to help you. All you need to do is pour a glass, sit down, and don’t overthink it. As our award-winning veteran winemaker Linda Trotta says, “A good wine is a wine you like.” It’s time to leave the complexity to us and enjoy our classically-styled wines.

Bread & Butter Wines is the fastest-growing top 10 wine brand in the $12-$14.99 category**, and a three-time IMPACT Hot Brand winner. The wine brand’s portfolio includes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Prosecco. Find them nationwide for around $14.99.

 www.breadandbutterwines.com. FB, IG: @BreadandButterWines 

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