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Some 50% Say They Have Felt the Presence of a Ghost According to New Phantom Wines/One Poll Survey 


Only 17% say they DO NOT believe in the paranormal

October 19th – CLARKSBURG, CA – This time of year, ghouls, ghosts and spirits are celebrated and embraced during various celebrations, but according to a new survey, most people believe the paranormal isn’t just a Halloween trick. 

64% say they believe in the paranormal according to the Phantom Wines/One Poll survey, while 19% say they aren’t sure, and only 17% say they do not believe in the paranormal. When asked specifically if they believe in ghosts, 57% of the respondents surveyed answered yes. Even more surprising, some 50% of respondents claimed to have felt the presence of a ghost.

“We were pretty surprised to see that so many people believe in the paranormal and also say they have been in the presence of a ghost.” said Jody Bogle, Phantom Wines Vice President of Consumer Relations. “We here at the winery don’t have to search far to find those who believe in spirits or ghosts. Many of our staff claim to have had experiences with the paranormal which led to the creation of our family’s Phantom Wines.”

Like several who have experienced sightings at the Clarksburg winery, the survey reveals 35% believe their current or past home is haunted. 

Regardless of one’s belief in the paranormal, wine is listed as the favorite pairing for every Halloween candy. When asked what type of alcoholic drink pairs well with a variety of types of Halloween candies, wine ranked #1 for all categories which included chocolate, nougat, fruit, sour, sweet and savory. 

“Who hasn’t snuck a piece or three from their child’s trick or treat stash? Lucky enough, it seems that whatever candy you grab, it will go well with your glass of red wine too,” said Bogle.

According to respondents, wine was also their top choice of alcohol to bring to a party or social gathering.

The survey conducted by Phantom Wines/One Poll was conducted in October of 2021 and totaled 2006 respondents age 21 and older. 

About Phantom Wines

The Phantom story originates in Scotland as an apparition known as the “Bogle” that once stalked the hillsides of Glasgow. As ancestors of the Bogle family made their way to California, it is believed the Phantom followed. Accounts by employees throughout the years reveal the Phantom may still preside over the Bogle Vineyards, ensuring the family remains true to its craft. You can watch the original stories at https://phantomwine.com/story/#

The seductive and hauntingly delicious Phantom Red Blend and Phantom Chardonnay are made with California grapes chosen for their exceptional quality. The wines are handcrafted through fermentation and aged in small oak barrels. 

Follow the Phantom

About Bogle Vineyards

The Bogle family has been farming in the Delta since the late-1800s, but the first wine grapes did not appear until 100 years later. The father and son team of Warren and Chris Bogle planted the first 20 acres of vines in Clarksburg, California in 1968. Today, Bogle Vineyards farms 1,900 acres of grapes using the latest sustainable growing techniques and processes. Bogle is one of just a handful of wineries that pays its partner growers a per ton bonus for adhering to stringent voluntary sustainable practices and regulations. Bogle was awarded the Green Leader Award for sustainability as well as Wine Enthusiast’s 2019 American Winery of the Year.

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