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NielsenIQ: Newly Released Low & Non-alcoholic Beverage Trends


NielsenIQ logoOctober 12th – Last week, NielsenIQ’s SVP of Account Development, Kim Cox, joined a panel at the Distilled Spirits Council’s 2021 DISCUS conference, alongside Fever Tree CEO, Charles Gibb, and Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits SVP of North America, Joshua Carlos, to share the industry’s latest low-alcoholic, non-alcoholic and premium mixer off premise beverage trends. I thought you’d be interested in seeing some key NielsenIQ insights from their session, for coverage consideration. Please see below:  

  • Low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages sold $3.1 billion off premise in the latest 52 weeks (+10.4%) 
    • Non-alcoholic sales: $331 million (+33.2%) 
    • Low-alcoholic sales: $2.77 billion (+8.1%) 
  • There was a 315% increase in online non-alcoholic + low-alcoholic beverage dollar sales in the latest 12 months vs. a 26% increase in alcoholic beer, wine and spirits e-commerce sales
  • Non-alcoholic $ % change vs. year-ago 
    • Beer/FMB/Cider: 31.7% 
    • Wine: 39.4% 
  • Spirits: 113.4%Low-alcoholic $ % change vs. year-ago
    • Beer/FMB/Cider: 4.5%
    • Wine: 18%
    • Spirits: 8.5%
  • 78% of non-alcoholic beverage buyers are purchasing alcoholic beer, wine or spirits

“There are many health and wellness trends emerging across center store that are causing alcohol consumers to take a second look at their beverages. While non-alcoholic beer has been available to consumers for many years, there are now more no/low alcoholic wines, spirits and beer options available than ever before. These new innovations better meet health and wellness desires of certain consumers such as lower ABV, lower sugar, lower calorie or sustainable sourcing practices. The market for no/low alcoholic beverages is still relatively small at less than 5% household penetration, but is an interesting area to watch, as it now represents $3.1B in sales and a 3.5% total alcohol market share.” — Kim Cox, NielsenIQ SVP of Account Development  

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