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Historic French Wine Producer, Maison Lorgeril, Now Imported Under Albert Bichot USA portfolio  


Dating back four centuries, with a focus on quality, sustainability, and excellent terroirs, Maison Lorgeril  joins this prestigious French portfolio 

(August 4, 2021 – Languedoc-Roussillon, France) Albert Bichot USA is set to launch Maison  Lorgeril and solidify a partnership with this unique, French winery as part of its importer  portfolio. Jim Opalka, President of Albert Bichot USA states, “Our goal is to find  producers of similar pedigree to Albert Bichot; family-owned with a focus on quality, and  the ability to scale to meet the needs of the US Market.” 

In September, the group will officially launch Maison Lorgeril, a historic Languedoc  producer, dating back four centuries, owning 6 separate estates and producing wine from  9 PDOs (Protected Designation of Origin) which include Languedoc, Cabardès,  Minervois, Minervois La Livinière, Saint-Chinian, Faugères, Côtes du Roussillon, Côtes  du Roussillon Villages, and Maury. 

The Lorgeril family is one of the oldest winemaking families in France. Their family’s  history dates back to the building of the majestic Château de Pennautier in 1620, and  today includes five additional vineyards across high-altitude, complex terroirs, some of  the best in the region. 

Nicolas de Lorgeril and his wife Miren have maintained the vineyards since 1987. Under  their management, Maison Lorgeril maintains a strong relationship with its land,  regularly plowing and fertilizing with natural manure to ensure their exceptional terroirs  express themselves to their maximum potential. 

Over time, they established six family-owned estates throughout Languedoc and  Roussillon to extend the variety of soils, subsoils, and grape varieties in their wines.

  • CHÂTEAU DE PENNAUTIER: At the heart of Cabardès, the Pennautier vineyards  enjoy a privileged climatic position where the Mediterranean climate is softened by  Atlantic influences 
  • DOMAINE DE LA BORIE BLANCHE: Cool nights and mineral surroundings in the  altitude vineyards allow for a slow maturation of the grapes translating in the production  of wines full of fine and elegant tannins. 
  • CHÂTEAU DE CIFFRE: The diverse soil composition, high altitude, steepness of plots,  perfect climate exposure, and a wide variety of grape varietals, make Château de Ciffre a  perfect expression of the 3 PDOs it is famous for.  
  • MAS DES MONTAGNES: The southern terroir of the Côtes du Roussillon Villages,  cooled by Pyrenees air, highlighting the contrast between altitude and vertiginous slopes,  incredible soil and rare southern terroirs. 
  • DOMAINE DE GARILLE: This vacation venue boasts a clay-limestone terroir that  reaps the benefits of the Mediterranean sun and the cool Atlantic breezes to create a crisp,  fruity, light, and delicious alternative to Provence rosé wines. 
  • CHÂTEAU DE CAUNETTES: Cabardès is the only Protected Designation of Origin to  combine 2/3 of Atlantic grape varieties (Merlot, Cabernet, and Malbec) with 1/3  Mediterranean grape varieties (Syrah and Grenache). 

The six family-owned vineyards meet stringent sustainable agriculture principles and are  Level 3 High Environmental Value certified. This label certifies that Maison Lorgeril  practices a winemaking approach that respects Agro-Ecological Infrastructure, limiting  chemical inputs to directly protect the environment. Additionally, Château de Ciffre is  and has been certified organic since its 2019 vintage with Château de Pennautier already  starting its conversion. 

The Lorgeril family’s rigorous selection of terroirs across their six domains allows them  to produce and offer a full portfolio of quality wines that benefit from both the  Mediterranean heat and the cool air of the nearby mountains. Along with their partner  wineries, L’Orangeraie, La Galine, 1620, La Rosée D’Été, and Ô de Rosé, N&M de Lorgeril  estates produces a variety of elegant red, white, and rosé wines that boast personality and  freshness.

Aligned with their family values, Albert Bichot USA is pleased to welcome another  generational winery into their portfolio in the United States. 

About Lorgeril 

With four centuries of history in Languedoc, the Lorgeril family is one of the oldest winemaking families  in France. With six family-owned vineyards featuring a variety of terroirs, Maison Lorgeril maintains a  strong relationship with their land which is reflected in the authenticity and elegance of their wines. 

About Albert Bichot 

Albert Bichot is family-owned and operated since 1831. It owns 6 exceptional estates with a total of 105  hectares of vineyards spread amongst Burgundy’s most prestigious appellations and in Beaujolais at the  heart of the Moulin-à-Vent. Each estate consists of vineyards cultivated with sustainable practices, as well  as facilities, cellars, and dedicated winemaking teams devoted to wines of that Domaine and region.

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