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Hermosillo Family Unveils Rosé of Pinot Noir   


Latest Rosé of Pinot Noir Marks Third Wine for Family Owned Producers Who Prioritize and Find the Fun and Joy in Wine Production  Even Amongst Challenging Circumstances

Santa Rosa, CA (September 14, 2021) – The Hermosillo Family is unveiling the latest wine in their collection, a 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir.  This specific blend was nearly destroyed by the latest Santa Rosa fires; however, the quick moving local wine producers were able to salvage and lightly press their Russian River Valley grapes to create this beautiful Rosé of Pinot Noir.    

“Living in Santa Rosa, we are very mindful that wildfires can quickly wreak havoc on our community and our grapes,” said Cynthia Hermosillo, co-owner Hermosillo Family Wines. “But there is no community with more resilience and had we not moved quickly during the latest wildfires, we would not have been able to save our grapes.  While they were intended for a Pinot Noir, we pivoted after the fire and decided to lightly press our grapes to create an incredible blend of Rosé of Pinot Noir.”    

The Hermosillo Family is no stranger to the fires of Santa Rosa as the Tubbs Fire destroyed their home in October 2017, from there the family re-evaluated their lives ambitions and began their journey to create wine and launch their family-owned boutique winery focusing on small batch, low intervention, natural wines.  

“Living through some very challenging times and really re-prioritizing our lives a few years ago, we shifted our mindset and family our motto to When you have fun success happens,” said Hermosillo.  “Once we made this adjustment, we were truly able to enjoy the experience, our community and have a good time enjoying the wine we are producing with family and friends.”    

The namesake of the wine, Hermosillo Family Wines, represents a family-first, locally sourced approach to wine production.  Cynthia and her husband Shawn, partner in the family business as Shawn is a Santa Rosa native who has lived in the community his entire life and also runs a real estate business.    

A Southern California native, Cynthia, leads the sales, marketing and operations of the business and holds a Master’s of Science in Economics from San Diego State University. She spent nearly two decades building a career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing on the East Coast and in Southern California. The couple have two young children.   

The wine is currently available for purchase for $30 per bottle and for more information, please visit: www.hermosillofamilywines.com/ or follow on Instagram at @hermosillofamilywines  

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