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Amale Oak Importers – Introduces Big Stave Program


LIVERMORE, California-September 14, 2021- Amale Oak Importers introduces the Big Stave program to North American wineries. The Big Stave Program is a barrel replacement alternative designed to replicate barrel ageing at 25% of the cost of a traditional French Oak barrel

“The impact on barrel budgets this past year required us to think how we can best offer our customers exceptional quality that mimics barrel maturation at a very reduced cost.” Says Brian Bernstein, Principal of Amale Oak Importers. 

24 months seasoned Le Grand Magic Staves are more likely compared to the maturation and integration characteristics from that of barrels rather than other alternative products. 

Epocure Epoc staves are 27mm tank staves that are produced from barrel staves that have been culled out at the very end of the coopering process. They are intended for long term maturation as that of a barrel. 

About Amale Oak Importers

Amalé Oak Importers is committed to bringing some of the finest French and American oak to the North American wine industry. Through meticulous selection in Europe’s’ coopering industry, we now offer two brands of oak to the winemaking process. Both of our brands uniquely offer products produced in a 100% vertically integrated operation. This lends us complete control throughout the production process from forest to finished product.

We honor traditional means of product development while embracing technology to aid in consistency and repeatability. We are proud to offer Le Grand French oak alternatives and Epocure barrels and alternatives to our market. We invite you to learn more about our brands, products, philosophy at amaleoak.com.

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