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First Keynote Speaker Announced for DTC Wine Symposium 2022 


Presentation to include effective strategies for managing multigenerational workforces   

Napa, CA, September 13, 2021 – The DTC Wine Symposium has announced its first keynote presentation for the wine industry’s national summit on direct-to-consumer sales and marketing, scheduled for January 19-20, 2022. www.dtcwinesymposium.com  

“Building an effective multigenerational workforce” will be presented by Jeff Butler,  author and workplace strategist who helps organizations create workplaces where employees thrive. The presentation will include actionable strategies to manage winery cross-generational challenges and turn the multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage.  

Jeff is the author of two books and CEO of JButler International. Having written over 100 articles on workplace dynamics, his insights have been featured in dozens of media outlets. In addition, he has appeared on TEDx in both 2016 and 2017 with both talks focusing on psychology. Before Jeff founded his workplace consulting company, he spent almost a decade in Silicon Valley working as a Software Engineer where his initial interest in organization psychology began to develop. Since then, he has personally addressed over 100 organizations – including Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Wells Fargo – on workplace dynamics  

Keynote speakers provide blue ocean-type topics, while the conference’s Workshop Sessions focus on actionable insights, case studies, and practical recommendations. Industry professionals interested in speaking in a Workshop Session will find the RFP at https://dtcwinesymposium.com/program/. Deadline for initial Workshop Session outlines is September 30, 2021. More information on topics and speakers will be added to the event website as they are finalized.  

About the DTC Wine Symposium  

The DTC Wine Symposium is presented by and a fundraiser for Free the Grapes! The event has raised more than $1 million for Free the Grapes’ PR campaign, and the Coalition for Free Trade’s legal work (CFT “retired” in 2014 after achieving its goals). These two groups have worked closely with industry lobbyists and regional associations to streamline onerous shipping regulations and to increase the number of legal states from 17 to 47 (as of September 2021) which represent 96% of the US population. The conference is the primary fundraiser for Free the Grapes! which executes state-specific advocacy campaigns encouraging consumers to write their legislators and working with media and advocacy groups to keep the issue alive in the media.   

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