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DIAM Bouchage Launches New Closures for Growing Sparkling Wine Market

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Mytik Diam 10 was Developed Specifically for Premium Sparkling Wines

Diam logoMODESTO, Calif. (September 1, 2021) – DIAM Bouchage, the global leader in manufacturing technical corks, is introducing its latest innovation, Mytik Diam 10, designed specifically for premium sparkling wines.  This latest innovation from DIAM comes after four years of research and development of  a closure that would best control the oxygen transfer rate to allow for better aging for premium sparkling wines and champagnes. 

“We had been hearing from our premium sparkling wine customers of the need for a cork with a longer lifespan which was the genesis for the Mytik Diam 10,” said Dimitri Tixador, permeability manager, R&D DIAM Bouchage.  He added, “The longer a cork lasts, the more its permeability must be controlled.  Mytik Diam 10 allows for improved preservation of CO2 pressure over time giving the winemaker more control throughout the process.”

Mytik Diam 10 was developed to maintain consistent technical properties for ten years.  Accelerated aging tests performed by DIAM confirmed  Mytik Diam 10 has exceptional durability and the corks allowed for improved preservation of CO2 pressure over time. In addition, Mytik Diam 10 provides superior oxygen control with the amount of O2 migrating from the cork – or the OIR (Oxygen Initial Release) – much lower than that of traditional corks.  DIAM’s design and manufacturing expertise results in consistency from one Mytik Diam 10 cork to the next, which enables winemakers to control the O2 during disgorgement. The Mytik Diam 10 also has a very low OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate via the cork) to ensure optimal evolution of the bottled wine.  All these characteristics combine to provide winemakers the ability to craft sparkling wines for aging, with low or no sulphites.

“DIAM has long been one of the industry’s leading innovators by partnering with the some of the world’s top universities to address critical issues challenging the wine community.  Mytik Diam 10 is an example of that commitment as it provides the industry with a cork that has a longer lifespan than currently available on the market,” said Mihailo Panovich, vice president of sales for G3 Enterprises, the exclusive distributor for Diam Bouchage in North America.  He added, “With the continued growth of the sparkling wine category and growing popularity among consumers, Mytik Diam 10 is coming on to the market at the perfect time for winemakers of premium sparkling wines wanting to meet that demand.”

The introduction of MD10 comes as sparkling wine volume continues to rise.  People have discovered sparkling wine for every day occasions including pairing with many foods.  As a result, in California, the state that produces the most sparkling wine in America, bubble houses are reporting some of their highest sales in years.

Mytik Diam 10 offers the same guarantees provided by all Diam Closures: organoleptic security, consistency, and oxygen control.  With the introduction of Mytik Diam 10, the company now offers a full range of sparkling wine corks including Mytik Diam 3, (formerly Mytik Diam Access), and Mytik Diam 5, (formerly Mytik Diam Classic).  The range of closures for sparkling wines provides winemakers the opportunity to choose their closure based on the qualities they want out of their crafted sparkling wines.

Said G3’s Panovich, “Diam is a great partner of ours because both organizations are focused on meeting the needs of our customers and Mytik Diam 10 is the latest example of that commitment.”

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