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Baker Wine & Grape Analysis Celebrates Its 20th Harvest and Announces Ownership Change


Accurate, timely and quality service continues.

August 31, 2021 (Paso Robles, Calif.) — Baker Wine & Grape Analysis (BWGA), founded by Dr. Brenda Baker celebrates its 20th harvest season as the first grapes across the Central Coast start making their way onto crush tables. The business is also marking another milestone: its Operations Manager, Heather Mikelonis, will take over the reins as owner beginning January 2022. 

Heather Mikelonis

“I’m thrilled to announce Heather will become the new owner of BWGA,” said Brenda, current owner and founder. “I can think of no other person to whom I would rather pass the torch. She will run the lab as I have; the name, crew, location and great service will all stay the same.”

Heather, working alongside Brenda for the past 15 years, has focused on developing its reporting system, updating technology, repairing and maintaining equipment, designing the workflow of the laboratory to assure efficiency and accuracy, and instituting outreach programs to grow the business.

“I’m proud of what we’ve built, and I’m honored to carry Brenda’s legacy forward,” said Heather. “The dedication and loyalty of our clients and staff are the foundation of BWGA’s success.”  

Each staff member brings a unique skill set and specialty to the business. The team, in addition to Brenda and Heather includes:

  • Sherrie Holzer, TTB Certified Chemist, is a professional wine judge and longtime winemaker. She has been an integral part of developing the BWGA sensory analysis program. 
  • Amy Freeman, TTB Certified Chemist, is a longtime winemaker with a food chemistry background and brings vast experience in both the winery and vineyard. 
  • Rebecca Chapman, TTB Certified Chemist brings her expertise in chemistry and microbiology with first-hand knowledge of making wine from Oregon to New Zealand. 
  • Barb McFadden, Bookkeeper, faithfully keeps our books in good order. 
Dr. Brenda Baker

The business partnership and friendship between Brenda and Heather demonstrates the culture at BWGA. “Brenda has developed a business based on quality service. Our core values are accuracy, efficiency, and great customer service. The lab has grown along with the Central Coast’s wine, olive oil, distilled spirits, beer, cider, kombucha and vineyard industries and I’m excited to continue supporting these producers,” said Heather. 

“Our analytical capabilities at BWGA rival any wine laboratory in the United States,” said Brenda. “I’m honored to be able to pass the business on to a good friend and colleague. I’ll be roaming the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming in spring and summer, but I’ll return for harvests so you will still see me from time to time.”

About Baker Wine & Grape Analysis:

Founded in 2002, Baker Wine & Grape Analysis (BWGA) is in Paso Robles, California. The laboratory provides services to clients on the Central Coast and beyond, with tests performed the same day, so clients receive their timely results in the electronic format of their choice. To learn more, visit www.bwga.net or contact info@bwga.net.



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