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Newly Launched Priority Experiences Helps Businesses Utilize Virtual and in Person Experiences for Long Term Success


The new brand, Priority Experiences, and accompanying website priorityexperiences.com aims to share how virtual experiences can help businesses promote remote team building, capture new clients and strengthen their relationships with their existing customer base.

NAPA, Calif., Aug 20, 2021 – Priority Wine Pass, the company behind the leading California wine tasting card, has announced the launch of a new sister brand, Priority Experiences. The Napa-based company quickly established itself as a leader in virtual tasting experiences at the onset of the pandemic and since the release of their virtual offerings, have helped some of the largest global brands like Salesforce, Pepsico, and Cisco adapt to the changing business environment. 

After organizing thousands of virtual events worldwide throughout the pandemic, Priority Experiences will expand upon Priority Wine Pass’s virtual offerings and services in addition to adding new in-person events like lobster dinners in the vineyard and customizable corporate gift baskets. The company’s focus will be on sharing success stories from their growing customer base and educating companies on how to incorporate virtual experiences into their evolving and increasingly virtual business strategies, which beyond engaging remote teams can be used as a highly effective sales tool. 

“Virtual experiences are like dangling a carrot in front of potential prospects to get them on a video call,” says Jamie Cegelski-Gaebe, founder of Priority Wine Pass and Priority Experiences. “When someone attends a virtual experience, you get a captive audience. You can add your pitch, invite clients to give testimonials — the opportunities are endless.”

Moreover, virtual events allow a company’s reach to become global as business leaders and sales and marketing professionals can meet face-to-face with hundreds of attendees without going anywhere.

With virtual events already planned well into 2022, Priority Experiences sees many clients betting on virtual tactics as part of their long-term corporate strategy. But while the company expects virtual experiences to remain its primary focus, Cegelski-Gaebe is not leaving in-person events off the table. The company has continued to invest in a growing number of in-person options, corporate event planning services and corporate gifts to help companies strengthen and grow their relationships and expand their reach.

“The launch of Priority Experiences gives us room to expand our offerings outside of wine and focus our services on whatever our corporate clients are requesting,” Cegelski-Gaebe said.  “We’ve added a huge range of new food and beverage options and plan to add even more.”

For more information about Priority Experiences, please visit https://priorityexperiences.com

About Priority Experiences

Launched in the wake of the global pandemic Priority Experiences uses its virtual and in-person experiences to help companies strengthen their business relationships while modernizing their business strategies. The company was born from its Napa-based sister brand Priority Wine Pass and leverages its existing expertise in virtual and in-person tasting experiences.

Since 2012, Priority Wine Pass has provided its members with exclusive wine tasting experiences through its unparalleled relationships with premiere and family-owned wineries along the West Coast. In 2020 they launched their virtual tasting offering and have since coordinated over 1500 virtual events across 4 continents. Having established themselves as leaders within the virtual experiences market they plan to continue their success through Priority Experiences.

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