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Napa Valley’s House of Perrarus Unveils New, Limited-Edition $5,000 Collectable Wines with Perrarus 3: The Museum Series


Proprietor and Visionary Lawrence Fairchild Continues His Annual Series of Never-Before-Seen, Design-Driven Bottles featuring 98-100 Point Wines

Napa Valley, CA; August 2021: Stones Wine proprietor and visionary Lawrence Fairchild unveils the $11,500 Perrarus 3: The Museum Series, the latest creation in his annual, limited-edition House of Perrarus series. Designed to be the world’s most collectable wine, every Perrarus 3 bottle is a hand-blown, one-of-a-kind vessel filled with a meticulously made Cabernet Sauvignon blend of 98- to 100-point wines. Each bottle is uniquely marked and numbered. An edition of one, never to be duplicated. Only 400 will be made available with an expected waitlist, as the previous Perrarus 1 and Perrarus 2 collections.

“My goal with Perrarus, which is Latin for rare or expectational, is to create a collectable wine with a design that pushes boundaries and has never been done before,” says Lawrence Fairchild, proprietor of House of Perrarus and Stones Wine. ”For Perrarus 3: The Museum Series, I wanted to take an ancient vessel and make something very modern and to honor the artists who have inspired me.”

A design not seen since ancient times, the Perrarus 3 bottle is a recreation of a 6000 BC Greek amphora with delicate handles and an elegantly pointed bottom. Because of the shape, the bottle cannot not stand by itself and is elevated in a magnificent translucent museum case, resembling a rare artifact. The bottle colors and designs celebrate some of history’s most famed artists: Van Gogh, Basquiat, Warhol, Pollack, and Picasso. “During the creation process, I ask myself, what will make the design concept interesting to a global wine collector and tell a meaningful story?” remarked Fairchild.

What is found inside each Perrarus bottle is just as breathtaking and elegant as the design; a rare blend from the best Stones No. 1-2-3 Cabernet Sauvignon barrels, made from Fairchild’s five coveted blocks in Napa Valley, one of which shares a fence line with Screaming Eagle.  The Stones name originated because of the soil profile in Fairchild’s vineyards, which resemble rocks, gravel, and more rocks. The terroir sources of rocky to extremely rocky vineyards produce incredibly intense fruit due in large part to the struggle for growth the vines experience. As Fairchild puts it, “Rocky soils provide perfect drainage, more stress on the vines, layers of minerality – chalk, graphite, lead pencil, sage…all of the flavor profiles that I love in a great wine.”

Fairchild first launched the Perrarus series in 2019. Each collection, which sells out every year, is available by lottery only and limited to one bottle per member. House of Perrarus is an extension of Stones Wine, both of which share Fairchild’s commitment to be a high-touch organization, modeled to be the Hermés and Louis Vuitton of the global wine industry. In addition to extreme attention to detail necessary to make the best wine in the world, Fairchild’s design efforts to create the most unique and collectable wine presentation in the world, hand-made, hand-pressed labels for Stones and hand-blown glass for the limited-edition Perrarus, all requiring an inordinate number of hours to create. 

House of Perrarus and Stones Wine collections are only available directly from Fairchild Napa Valley and selected 3-star Michelin restaurants. To learn more and inquiry about membership, please visit www.HouseofPerrarus.com or www.Stoneswine.com.

About House of Perrarus

Born from an ancient namesake, Perrarus is an unrivaled entity of rare excellence. It stands in defiance of the expected. The precision in its creation brings forth an experience of wine that is inarguably scarce, close to impossible. In it, one recognizes caramel, chocolate, and fire. Char and earth. Wilderness. The distant. The personal. Each vessel is just as unique as the tasting—a perfectly matched physical case to hold the articulate bloom, hand-blown glass bottles are original, artful. Each is a treasure.  www.houseofperrarus.com

About Stones Wine

Stones Wine rose from Lawrence Fairchild’s vision to create the “Hermes” of wine in terms of quality and luxury. He wants each vintage to feel like a special gift, a joyous experience. Each bottle is so visually exquisite and rare that only a handful of collectors have them in their cellars to share with friends. The name Stones, originating from the terroir sources of rocky to extremely rocky vineyards, now includes five exclusive, uniquely designed bottles, all with labels hand-made in France and available to purchase by our members only five days out of the year. www.stoneswine.com

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