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Winesecrets & Napa Wine Co. Announce Availability of Artisan Scale Flash Détente Technology 


WinesecretsOakville, CA – August 25, 2021 –  American Winesecrets, LLC. (Winesecrets), North  America’s wine taint mitigation expert has once again partnered with Napa Wine Co., Napa’s leader in high quality, reserve  lot custom crush to provide an artisan-scale Flash Détente system at the Oakville crush facility. Flash Détente removes  pigments from grape skins instantaneously prior to fermentation. This technique has proven beneficial in reducing the  impact of smoke exposure once the wines have completed fermentation. It is has also proven to be effective at making solid  wines from low color, low Brix fruit from vintages where maturity is difficult. 

Flash Détente streamlines red maceration by rapidly heating must and then cooling it instantaneously in a vacuum chamber.  The treatment results in the rupturing of cell walls initiating an efficient breakdown of the structure of the berry. The smoke  aromatics are carried off with water vapor in the vacuum. “Flash Detente can provide superior extraction of color and  concentration of sugars,” said Eric Dahlberg, Winesecrets’ Founder and President. “This provides vintners with an option  if they are concerned about a potential smoke event later in the season,” added Dahlberg. 

Winesecrets Flash Unit

The artisan-scale Flash Detente unit is capable of processing up to 1.5 tons per hour of must, and is scaled to treat reserve  lots of 3-20 tons. “Our Team and Winesecrets continue to deliver useful tools to Napa’s winemaking community. We could  not be more pleased to partner with them by hosting the Flash Detente system.” said Russ Joy, General Manager of Napa  Wine Company. Napa Wine Co. plans to host the system for the duration of this harvest season.  

Napa Wine Company opened in 1995 as a custom crush provider. They host multiple award-winning wineries, ranging from  250 cases to 100,000 cases. To schedule grapes for processing with the artisan-scale Flash Detente, please call Napa Wine  Company’s Director of Winemaking, Kristi Koford at (707) 944-4483. Visit Napa Wine Company on line at  www.napawineco.com

Winesecrets offers outsourced wine production services, including VA and other taint removal, alcohol reduction, other  specialized filtration, high-proof alcohol sales, Test Track wine assessment services, and a variety of wastewater treatment  technologies. For information about Flash Détente and other advanced smoke taint mitigation methods, contact Winesecrets’ Director of Operations, Travis Smith at (707) 824-2022. Visit Winesecrets on the web at  www.winesecrets.com.

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