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Bolgheri: The 2021 Harvest Begins at Ornellaia, Italy’s Iconic Estate


Wine lovers can expect a characterful and stylish vintage

In this photo, Estate Director Axel Heinz, together with Giuliano Tarchi, Vineyard Manager at Ornellaia, on the first day of the 2021 white grape harvest. Photo Credit: Ornellaia

New York, NY, August 19, 2021 – Ornellaia, one of the world’s iconic estates, is pleased to announce that harvest is now underway. Just one game that’s played once a year, the strength of a team that loves their land and deeply cares about every single detail to achieve the epitome of elegance… these are the requirements to begin the 2021 harvest. Midsummer has passed, the holidays are over and nature is already calling growers back to the vines.

In 2021, the growth of the vineyards was delayed by a rather cool spring, which slowed the budbreak before a summer that proved hot and very dry. The lack of rainfall right up to the harvest is reminiscent of classic Bolgheri vintages such as 2016 and 2015, which both involved long, dry spells of drought. The unique, local soil composition, profound with high percentages of limestone and clay, enables the roots of the vines to delve into the deepest layers in search of water, with the aim of withstanding extended periods of drought.

“The sunny and dry spell helped the white grapes to ripen in the earlier vineyards,” comments Estate Director Axel Heinz. “Over the next few days, much-welcomed lower temperatures are expected, which will create the perfect conditions to conclude the ripening and to harvest the Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier, which is likely to take place during the week of August 23.”

In the meantime, the 2021 harvest began at Ornellaia on August 18 with the harvest of the first few bunches of the estate’s Sauvignon Blanc. A little more patience is required for the red grapes: another two weeks are needed before the harvest can commence.

About Ornellaia –

The name Ornellaia is synonymous with fine winemaking and an authentic expression of the beauty of Tuscany. The estate is situated along the Tuscan coastline, a short distance from the medieval town of Bolgheri and the iconic cypress-lined approach. Ornellaia Bolgheri DOC Superiore and Ornellaia Bianco are the estate’s top wines, ensued by the second vin Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia, Le Volte dell’Ornellaia and the white Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia. In little over thirty years (the first vintage of Ornellaia was in 1985), the team’s dedication accompanied by optimal soil and microclimate have resulted in critical acclaim and public success within Italy and internationally. 

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