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Napa’s Robert Biale Winery Unveils High-Performance Solar Array


145kW Solaria PowerXT Solar System Installed by Summit Technology;  Solar Panels Procured via CED Greentech of Santa Rosa

AUG. 3, 2021 – Robert Biale Vineyards has just deployed a new 145kW Solaria® PowerXT® solar array atop its winery and tasting room in Napa, CA.  A beautiful, highly efficient solar system, Solaria’s sleek new Pure BlackTM solar array is offsetting Robert Biale Vineyards‘ utility costs, nearly eliminating their electricity bills. 

“Deploying this sleek Solaria solar power system is aligned with Robert Biale Vineyards’ commitment to sustainability strategies and practices,” said President and Viticulturist Robert Biale.  “This state-of-the-art solar array has empowered us to reduce our utility costs while illustrating to our visitors and community our commitment to environmentally sound practices.  We hope that visitors will gain an appreciation of our sustainability initiatives, and how we’re working to ensure a clean energy future,” said Biale.

“Savvy commercial property and homeowners select Solaria solar panels because they’re visually appealing.  Solaria’s goal is to ensure that our customers are deploying the most powerful and reliable solar panels on the market,” said Tony Alvarez, CEO of Solaria. 

Summit Technology Group, one of the largest and most experienced electric systems contractors in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties, completed the installation of the Robert Biale solar system in less than four weeks.  Biale’s new array is comprised of 362 Solaria PowerXT 400R-PM solar panels and SolarEdge inverters and optimizers that integrate with the property’s existing generator.  “Summit has a long track record in solar. Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with deep expertise in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems.  Solar installers such as ourselves  -and our customers-  have myriad choices when it comes to buying solar.  Solaria not only consistently delivers superior performance; it also has an appealing all-black aesthetic design that our customers prefer.  They’re optimized for maximum energy output and reliability, and we feel good that they’re backed by an industry-leading warranty,” said Kenny Cotton, Summit Technology Group Vice President.

“Customers are increasingly demanding attractive, efficient solar panels – and Solaria’s panels meet those criteria for clean energy deployment.  They’re very popular with our installer customers and homeowners,” said Tyson Berg of CED Greentech Santa Rosa

Designed and engineered in the U.S., Solaria is leading the way in premium solar panels with breakthrough technology and products.  Leveraging Solaria’s patented cell design, superior panel architecture, and innovative assembly techniques, Solaria PowerXT panels significantly boost power generation and provide outstanding performance and aesthetics.  High power density allows solar installers to maximize power and energy yield on customer roofs while providing a beautiful architectural finish.

About Robert Biale Vineyards

Perfecting old California classics, Robert Biale Vineyards has become a revered standard of heritage vineyard Zinfandel and Petite Sirah in Napa Valley.  From the winery’s inception, the Biale Family has cherished the tradition of historic old vines (some dating to the 1880s!) and prize the small quantity of concentrated and intense fruit that they produce. For more information, please visit www.biale.com

About CED Greentech Santa Rosa

CED Greentech is a division of Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc., one of the largest electrical product wholesale distributors in the country. As a full-service wholesale distributor of solar, electrical, and renewable energy products, CED Greentech is committed to providing superior service and support to the North Bay solar and storage industry. The company has an extensive on-site inventory featuring products from the solar and electric industry’s top manufacturers.  Serving residential and commercial customers, CED Greentech is confident they’ll have what’s needed when it’s needed. For more information, please visit CED Greentech Santa Rosa.

About Solaria

Solaria Corporation is a US-based solar PV technology and systems company with a 20-year history in solar power innovation and product development. Solaria is paving the way for distributed, clean power generation by delivering state-of-the-art engineering and automation to provide superior field performance and unrivaled aesthetics. Solaria is headquartered in California, USA. For more information, please visit www.solaria.com

About Summit Technology Group

As premier solar energy installers for over 20 years, Summit has a wealth of knowledge about technology, electric and renewable energy systems for homes and businesses. From concept to completion, the company’s team of designers, engineers, and installers deliver unrivaled levels of service and product quality. They’ll advise you on financing, leasing, tax credits, and rebates too – because when it comes to technology, electric and renewables, there’s nothing Summit Technology Group doesn’t know.  For more information, please visit www.summit-e.com

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