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iDealwine, France’s Top Wine Auctioneer for 6 Consecutive Years


Paris, 30th July 2021 – The Conseil des Ventes Volontaires, the regulatory body for auctions in France, has just published its  annual report confirming iDealwine as the number one wine auctioneer in France, for the sixth  consecutive year. 

France’s Leading Wine Auctioneer 

The regulatory body for auctions in France, the Conseil des Ventes Volontaires (CVV), has published a report listing top auctions houses across all sectors including fine art, collectors’ items, vintage cars  and more.  

Wine and spirits are included in the same category as art and collectors’ items. 

The CVV has confirmed, for the sixth year running, that IWA (International Wine Auction, a subsidiary  of iDealwine), is the leading wine auctioneer in France, now boasting a 42% market share. 

On the wine and spirits sector, the CVV says “As seen in previous years, the performance of this  category is mainly based on the success of the market leader: International Wine Auction [iDealwine’s  subsidiary], which operates online only and sold 93,739 lots at auction (compared to 80,000 in 2019)  achieving hammer prices totalling €19 million (€17.6 million in 2019 or a 7% increase).”  

iDealwine held 41 auction sales in 2020 (one auction every 9 days) with over 175,000 bottles  auctioned for a total of €23.4 million including tax – meaning over 40% of all wine sold at auction in  France (up from 37% in 2019). Auctions aside, iDealwine’s fixed price sales, which include wine  sourced directly from partner properties at cellar door prices, have increased by 46% to reach €10m.  In total, iDealwine generated €33 million in sales in 2020 (+15%).

Fine Wine Market at Auction in General – Stable 

Despite the tumultuous year, the fine wine auctions market has remained comparatively stable, with  iDealwine itself widening the gap in terms of market leaders. In France, wine auctions generated €47 million excluding commission (2019: €47m, 2018: €46m), which represents just 4% of the entire art  and collectors’ items category. The art and collectors’ items category itself recorded a significant 22.4% drop in sales. IWA (and therefore iDealwine) has risen to rank as the eighth most important  auction house in France in the art and collectors’ item category. Of course, much of this movement was accelerated by the pandemic. As a purely digital player in wine auctions, iDealwine was well  placed to deal with the unique situation.  

Cyrille Jomand, CEO of iDealwine, said: “We are delighted by this announcement. iDealwine recently  welcomed new investment from entrepreneurial fund Capital Croissance. With this, we look forward  to increasing iDealwine’s footprint not only in the fine wine world, but also in spirits via our new platform Fine Spirits Auction platform, which sees whiskies, cognacs, rums, and other fine spirits go  under the hammer in partnership with La Maison du Whisky. iDealwine is also focused on its new  bespoke cellar consultation and management service, offered to wine lovers, collectors, and investors  alike.” 

Please see tables below, credit to Conseil des Ventes Volontaires



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