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Scott Laboratories Announces QI’UP XC and NO[OX] Are Now TTB Approved 


Petaluma, CA – July 2021 – The TTB has expanded the approved usages of chitosan from Aspergillus niger. 

Scott Laboratories is pleased to announce that as of July 15, 2021, chitosan from Aspergillus niger is approved for use in juice and wine for fining and clarification (27  CFR § 24.250*). Chitosan from A. niger was previously only approved for use in wine to  remove spoilage organisms; however, it has the potential for many applications in juice  and wine.  

This approval is a breakthrough for clean-crafted, vegan winemaking as QI’UP XC and  NO[OX] are both chitosan-based animal-free, non-allergenic fining agents that serve as  alternatives to gelatin and casein. 

QI’UP XC is used for superior clarification in juice or wine.  

This innovative floccing agent from the IOC can be used during traditional juice settling  or flotation. QI’UP XC is a specialized preparation of chitosan that has a high surface  charge allowing it to bind to solid particles in juice and wine, allowing for sedimentation. 

NO[OX] is an animal-free, non-allergenic fining aid that removes oxidized characters in juice and wine. 

NO[OX] is an innovative, highly specialized chitosan bentonite fining aid. This animal-free, non-allergenic fining aid is superior to SO2 and  other casein-based products at removing oxidized characteristics including color,  aromas, and flavors. Additionally, NO[OX] can remove herbaceous and bitter notes and  increase freshness, resulting in significant quality improvements. 

NO[OX] is now available to purchase online and QI’UP XC is coming soon! Visit Scott  Labs’ website to learn more and order online: Shopping Cart | Scott Laboratories 

About Scott Laboratories 

For over 80 years, Scott Labs has been the leading supplier for the North American wine  and specialty beverage industry, providing fermentation products, filtration media,  equipment, cork and packaging solutions. Scott Labs has been embedded in the wine  community since 1933 where their story starts at the University of California, just days  prior to the end of Prohibition. Scott Labs’ vision is to provide the best customer  experience to the specialty beverage community. Their mission is to advance the long term success of the specialty beverage community by providing best-in-class products  and services. They believe in education, honesty, and doing the right thing. 

* 27 CFR § 24.250 regulates wine and juice treating materials and processes for  domestic wine production. These approvals only apply to wines distributed domestically  and do not imply the acceptability of wines so treated in foreign markets. Accordingly, if  you wish to export the treated wine, you should check with each destination country to  ensure that this is an acceptable treatment for wines sold there.

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