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Randall Grahm and E. & J. Gallo Winery Team up to Release the Language of Yes, New Wines from California’s Central Coast 


EJ GalloSan Luis Obispo, Calif. (July 21, 2021) – E. & J. Gallo Winery’s Luxury Wine Group, in  collaboration with legendary winemaker and visionary Randall Grahm, announced today the  release of a collection of wines called The Language of Yes.  

The wines are inspired by the rich history of winegrowing in the South of France, but The  Language of Yes has a clearly Californian point of view, made exclusively from grapes grown in  California’s diverse Central Coast AVA. 

“We’re thrilled to work with Randall,” says Joseph C. Gallo, Vice President and General  Manager of Gallo’s Luxury Wine Group. “He is an authority on Rhone varieties in the Central  Coast and has a unique approach. We’re learning a lot from him. Randall has placed his trust in  us to bring his vision forward – we take that responsibility seriously and are excited to share in  his vision.”  

The Language of Yes blends Randall’s winegrowing and creative acumen with Gallo’s  distinguished Central Coast vineyards and grape growers, as well as their organizational depth. 

“I’m enjoying myself. I’m focusing on what I’m most passionate about – the grapes, farming,  winemaking and the creative journey. Gallo has an excellent team and outstanding coastal  vineyards and grape growers. We share a love of the land. I’m honestly intrigued by the  potential of what we can do together,” says Grahm. 

Grahm and Gallo will release three wines this year. The first, available in early August, is a pink  wine made from Tibouren and Cinsaut. In October, Grenache and a Syrah from the Rancho  Real (aka Murmur) vineyard will be released. The initial offering is limited and will be available  online through The Language of Yes mailing list at www.languageofyeswine.com. The pink wine  will sell for $30 and the Grenache and Syrah will each sell for $40.  

“These are wines for people who want to go deeper,” says Grahm.

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