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J.M Fonseca & Share a Splash Wine Co. Relaunch Twin Vines in the US: New Packaging Embraces ‘Better for You’ Category


The 2020 vintage hits the market with nutritional information and a fresh new look

Healdsburg, CA – July 21 SHARE A SPLASH wine co. has released the 2020 vintage of José Maria da  Fonseca’s Vinho Verde brand Twin Vines in a new pack which includes nutrition information. The  historic, family-owned José Maria da Fonseca’s Vinho Verde brand was added to the SHARE A SPLASH  portfolio in early 2021. 

The new design evokes the wine’s style – clean and simple with overt cool tones, bottled in light-weight  glass and topped with a branded silver screwcap.  

J.M. da Fonseca Twin Vines was named after the twin daughters of Antonio Soares, celebrating the eighth  generation of the Soares-Franco family. The Vinho Verde is classically styled, low in alcohol (10% abv)  with a slight spritz and showcases a crisp and clean style with tropical fruit flavors. Hailing from  Northwest Portugal’s Vinho Verde DOC appellation in the Minho region, the wine is comprised of  traditional Vinho Verde grapes: 70% Loureiro, 14% Trajadura, 12% Pedernã, 4% Alvarinho.  

The back label includes nutrition information, the wine is naturally low in alcohol (10%) with 85 calories  per 5 ounce serving, 3.3 grams of carbohydrates, 0.4 grams of protein and zero fat. “Hailing from a cool  climate, Vinho Verde is naturally low in alcohol and therefore has a lower calorie and carbohydrate count  than wines from warmer regions.” noted SHARE A SPLASH wine co. founder Yoav Gilat “Today’s  consumer wants as much information as possible about what they eat and drink and is actively looking for  lower alcohol beverages. Twin Vines hits the mark for delivering in the ‘better for you’ category, a trend  accelerated during the pandemic, we are happy to make it easy for the consumer to identify these wines.”  

The category of low and no alcohol wines has seen growing traction. A recent study by IWSR recorded  +30% growth domestically in 2020 in the category and anticipates future growth globally of +31% by  2024 (IWSR, February 2021). While a Wine Intelligence study found 26% of Americans said they would 

be likely to buy low or no alcohol wines (March 2021). Gilat noted he sees the trend as part of a broader  demand for transparency and variety by newer wine consumers.  

Twin Vines Vinho Verde complements the existing SHARE A SPLASH portfolio. Its clean, fresh, vibrant and easy drinking style marks it as accessible, easy to understand and enjoy. SHARE A SPLASH wine  co. was founded in 2006 as Cannonball Wine Company, whose founding vision was to create the best  under $20 California Cabernet on the market. It has evolved into a portfolio of wines that are imminently  share-able, over-deliver on value and welcome all levels of wine drinkers.  

“We are thrilled to be re-launching Twin Vines in the US with SHARE A SPLASH wine co.” commented  António Soares Franco of J.M. da Fonseca, “the new look is clean, fresh and modern echoing the wine’s  refreshing style. We look forward to seeing Twin Vines reach new heights in the US as part of the  SHARE A SPLASH portfolio.” 

The wine is shipping now and has a $9.99 SRP, packed in 12-pack cases. 

About SHARE A SPLASH wine co. 

Founded in 2006 as Cannonball Wine Company, SHARE A SPLASH wine co. produces and  manages a portfolio of wines that echo a simple belief: that wine, like life, is best enjoyed when  shared. Today, the SHARE A SPLASH portfolio offerings range from premium – luxury wine  brands, including Cannonball, ELEVEN by Cannonball, Angels & Cowboys, High Dive Napa  Valley and imports including New Zealand’s Astrolabe Wines and José Maria da Fonseca’s Twin  Vines. From their base in Healdsburg, California, the SHARE A SPLASH wine co. wines are  present in 48 United States and 30 international markets and on a mission to “Share a Splash” with  every glass! For more information, please visit shareasplash.com. 

About J. M da Fonseca 

Family-owned José Maria da Fonseca (J.M. da Fonseca) is one of Portugal’s best-known and most  historic wine producers, founded in 1834. Now run by the 6th and 7th generations of the Soares Franco  family, the winemaking is helmed by chief winemaker and vice president Domingos Soares Franco. With  650 hectares of vineyards throughout Portugal, including the top regions of Vinho Verde, Douro, Setúbal  and Alentejo, the group produces a wide range of wines that exemplify the best of Portugal’s tradition and  innovation. For more information, please visit jmf.pt

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