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The Wine Van Season 4 Now Available on Amazon Prime Video as Part of the Prime Video Direct Content Submission Portal 


The Brit Ian Chapman discover how enternaining learning  about winemaking can be  

A journey through the leading and most original Spanish  wineries in a cheeky, humorous, and unabashed approach  to the wine industry

19th of August, 2021.- The fourth season of The Wine Van series is now  available on Amazon Prime Video as part of the Prime Video Direct Content  Submission Portal in Spain, The United Kingdom, and United States.  The new season hold surprises and hilarious stories featuring the Brit Ian  Chapman and his learning journey to prove millennials that wine is a young  thing too. So he travels with his van the wineries with the most original and  innovative projects, using a humorous, casual and cheeky approach as a  guiding thread. In the fourth season, Ian is bolder than ever asking questions  that no one else would dare to ask to make sure that everybody enjoys this  wine discovery journey to the fullest.  

The Wine Van aims to build on the millennial curious view to create a young  community who is eager to learn about wineries, vineyards, oenology or  winemaking. Ian easily gets rid of elitist labels to present viticulture with an  appealing view for the public his age who can find the show in their favorite  platforms.  

The series is recorded in English in short-format video so it can be  downloaded and displayed in any device at anytime. This show is made for  millennials across the world, so it is distributed not only in Spain, but in The  United Kingdom and United States.  

From superheroes to astronauts, The Wine Van fourth season will keep the  surprises coming with unique Spanish wineries, each and every one with its  special style and output, such as Felix Solis Avantis, Garage Wine, Bodegas  Ochoa, Pradorey or Carchelo, along with different Appellations of Origin from 

Alicante (Valencia), in the East of Spain, or Valdeorras (Galicia) in the North.

In The Wine Van fourth season Ian trains his olfactory memory, visits a  Cinderella Castle, travels to the Wild West, becomes a famous singer o  turns into a wine magician in order to reveal how wineries make climate  and soil willing accomplices to a different way of winemaking. 

The series is produced by the Mil Ojos Producen team, a creative agency  specialised in wine and gastronomy with more than 15 years of experience  in Branded Content series such as The Wine Van or MissDelic. 

More information about The Wine Van: https://www.primevideo.com/ detail/0QCCUBN9G9GV8IQP06LUPCWIN7/ref=atv_dp_season_select_s4

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