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Wine Unify Celebrates a Year of Creating Access and Opportunity for Wine Enthusiasts and Professionals  


Wine Unify has connected over 50 BIPOC with wine awards in the past year. 

Wine Unify logo(Napa, CA) July 7, 2021 – Wine Unify celebrates its progress in fostering diversity, inclusion, and empowerment of BIPOC in the wine industry. Founded by Mary Margaret McCamic MW, DLynn Proctor, and Martin R. Reyes MW, Wine Unify’s purpose is to elevate, amplify, and welcome BIPOC voices in the wine industry. 

Driven by a desire for change, Wine Unify’s founders came together to launch the non-profit to provide companies, individuals, and communities opportunities to learn about the diverse leaders in the wine industry and foster the next generation. “It’s never too late to implement change, but we knew that access to wine education and the tools to succeed in the industry, including mentorship, needed to be available more than ever. There was simply no better time to act, to ultimately give individuals a little light during a dark time.” says co-founder DLynn Proctor.

Although nearly everyone was confined to their homes during the pandemic, Wine Unify’s team was anything but static. To date, Wine Unify has provided 56 awards to BIPOC individuals within or seeking to work in the wine industry. The awards include glassware, supplemental wine and tools for education and enjoyment, mentorship sessions, and globally recognized course certification opportunities through the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. 

Wine Unify’s mission was brought to fruition this year through providing mentorship and awards for BIPOC in the wine industry. The awards were made possible from the contributions from Stölzle, Wine.com, Coravin, Jancisrobinson.com, Napa Valley Wine Academy, as well as many others within the industry who have generously donated by way of proceeds or direct monetary donation. Mentorship for this next generation of wine professionals came from all over the United States and included expertise in all areas of wine professionalism, from viticulture to business management. 

“Wine Unify has taken on a beautiful life of its own; it was one of the most meaningful silver linings of 2020 for me. With a growing cohort of inspiring alums and mentors, I look forward to this community’s growth as it reshapes the narrative of success and impact in our industry.” says co-founder Martin Reyes MW.

In the upcoming year as Wine Unify looks to continue to connect wine professionals with mentorship opportunities, the additional awards in the years to come will provide a meaningful opportunity for continued progress within the industry. “We are so pleased with the response from the community in support of Wine Unify’s mission. Together, we work to provide opportunity and access, a welcoming and supportive community, and inspiration for a more diverse community of wine professionals,” adds co-founder Mary Margaret McCamic MW. 

About Wine Unify 

Wine Unify is a non-profit that welcomes, elevates, and uplifts diverse voices in the wine industry. Founded by Mary Margaret Mccamic MW, DLynn Proctor, and Martin R. Reyes MW, Wine Unify utilizes its extensive network to provide mentorship for BIPOC with a passion for working in the wine industry. The non-profit organization brings together educators, suppliers, and thought leaders to catalyze, accelerate and synchronize in empowering BIPOC in the wine industry, visit wineunify.org

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