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G3 Opens New DIAM® Cork Facility in Napa


New Facility in Response to Demand from Premium, Small Lot Brands

G3 Enterprises logoMODESTO, Calif. (July 7, 2021) – To better serve its premium small lot brands on the North Coast, G3 Enterprises has announced the opening of a new DIAM® cork facility in Napa.  

“We are opening this new DIAM® facility specifically to meet the growing demand from our premium and small lot winemakers in the immediate region. While it will initially open on a smaller scale, the Napa facility will provide high-quality printing with our newest laser printing and ink options,” said Mihailo Panovich, vice president of sales at G3 Enterprises.  He added, “Being local is very important to us and we want to be close to our customers who will now have the option to pick up their order if they wish or have it delivered.”

Laser printing delivers high-end precision artwork on both the side and the ends of the cork with more flexibility on production.  The Napa printing facility will also offer ink printing and batch coating capable of handling small orders.  Multiple coatings will be available for DIAM® 5, 10, 30, Origine by Diam® for still wines and Mytik sparkling wine closures.

DIAM® has become the closure of choice for winemakers and winery owners around the world due, in part, to its clean, consistent, sensory-neutral cork which ensures the wine ages in the bottle as intended by the winemaker. Year after year, DIAM® delivers unbeatable mechanical performance.  DIAM® corks are available with different levels of permeability in relation to the oxygen requirements for each wine making it possible for the wines to express their unique sensory profiles. 

The Origine by Diam® closure has revolutionized the wine world because of its major technological advancement that combines science and nature. As a result of many years of research into beeswax emulsion and 100% plant-derived polyols, Origine by Diam® offers a sustainable, all-natural corking solution, while maintaining the superior reliability of DIAM®. 

G3 is the exclusive distributor of all DIAM® products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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