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Supplier LED Investment Group Acquires and Recapitalizes the Assets of Verity Wines and Domaine Select Wine & Spirits.

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NEW YORK, NY (June 18, 2021) – Trinity Beverage Acquisition, LLC (“Trinity”) a privately owned holding company, is pleased to announce that it has acquired and recapitalized the assets of Verity Wines, LLC (“Verity”) and Domaine Select Wine & Spirits, LLC (“DSWS”) from each company’s former secured lender.

Trinity, backed by a consortium of existing wine & spirits brand owners and suppliers, will operate and rebrand the consolidated national import business and regional wholesale business, known formerly as Domaine Select and Verity Wines respectively. The go-forward wine & spirits portfolio includes over 140 brands and 700 distinct products from over 20 countries.

Trinity believes that the new organization is uniquely positioned to understand and appreciate the current and wide ranging needs and concerns of wineries and craft distillers in the US market, by having to navigate the complex and frustrating market themselves as suppliers. The newly consolidated assets are well-positioned to benefit from the accelerating consumer demand as the effects of COVID-19 mitigate, trade tariffs subside, and the on-premise market normalizes.


Trinity Beverage Acquisition, LLC is a privately owned holding company backed by experienced wine & spirits suppliers. Trinity currently operates as a national importer under the Trinity Beverage Group moniker and regional wholesaler in the states of NY, NJ, and PA under the Verity Wine & Spirits moniker until a consolidated rebrand is announced.

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