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Evaton Inc Announces Partnership with IL Palagio Estate


Expanding its premium portfolio offering, Evaton to serve as exclusive importer for Sting and Trudie Styler’s award-winning wines

May 14, 2021 (Stamford, CT): Evaton, Inc., a national importer of international fine wines and spirits announces its official partnership with Il Palagio estate.  Effective today, Evaton will serve as the exclusive U.S. importer for the portfolio of wines including Roxanne, When We Dance and Casino delle Vie, Baci Sulla Bocca, New Day and Sister Moon–produced on Trudie Styler and Sting’s beautiful Tuscan estate. 

Il Palagio estate lies amid the rolling hills of the lush, fertile Tuscan countryside south of Florence.  From the mid-1500s Il Palagio harvested, fermented and bottled its own wines.  What started simply as a private summer home, today the estate includes exquisite vineyards that the couple has lovingly restored and managed.  Using organic farming methods, they replanted 11 hectares of vineyards since 2000, resulting in award-winning wines that honor the estate’s 16th century heritage.   

“As a company grounded in quality brands and estates, we are excited to expand our premium wine portfolio and welcome Il Palagio to our family.” said Stephen Brauer, CEO of Evaton, Inc.  “The great lengths that Sting and Trudie have gone to keep the estate’s winemaking tradition alive comes through emphatically in the premium wines they produce.  This dedication perfectly complements the Evaton ethos and brands within our portfolio. We are truly looking forward to a strong partnership together.” 

Sting adds, “Il Palagio is one of our favorite places on Earth, which is why Trudie and I have placed a lot of care into the estate and the development of the wines.  We are excited to enter a partnership with Evaton, a thoughtful importer that aligns with our values and ambition for the property.”

Il Palagio recently participated in The Conscious Collection: A Virtual Fine Wine & Spirits Auction, presented by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and Wine Spectator magazine.  The auction secured more than 2,900 unique bids including the Il Palagio Experience, which was highly sought after and brought in the auction’s most notable winning bid.  

For more information about Evaton Inc., please visit www.Evaton.com and for more information about the wines from the Il Palagio estate visit www.il-palagio.com.


Founded in 2000, Evaton USA is a national importer of fine wines and spirits, with an award-winning wine & spirits portfolio specializing in the Iberian Peninsula. Evaton is the US distribution arm of Sogrape, Portugal’s leading wine company, known for such iconic brands as Mateus, Sandeman Ports & Sherries and Casa Ferreirinha. The company is proud to represent the Sogrape portfolio from Portugal, Argentina, Chile & New Zealand, as well as partnerships with premium wine and spirits brands and families from Italy, France & Spain. Headquartered in Stamford, CT, the company distributes its fine wine and spirits portfolio in all fifty states.  


Located in the Tuscan countryside south of Florence, Italy, Il Palagio is a sixteenth century estate, organic farm and vineyard. The estate, which features villas, guesthouses, a vineyard and olive groves have been beautifully restored by proprietor couple actress and producer Trudie Styler and famed musician Sting over the last two decades. Using organic farming methods, they have replanted 11 hectares of vineyards since 2000, resulting in a portfolio of beautiful red and white wines. Il Palagio has harvested and bottled its own wines since the mid-1500s.  For more information about the estate of Il Palagio, please visit www.il-palagio.com and follow us on Instagram at @ilpalagiointuscany.



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