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Oregon Winery iPhone App, Winederful, Adds “Hand Curated Wineries”

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Tualatin, Oregon, May 5, 2021 Winederful releasing its app to wine lovers interested in Oregon with this major upgrade with new features making it easier than ever to get out into Oregon’s Wine Country. The update focuses on bringing a “Hand Curated” list of wineries allowing users to have a first-hand experience of what to expect when visiting the winery. Download the free App using the link above or type in the search term “Oregon Wine” in Apple’s App Store. 

With over 900 wineries in Oregon, trying to figure out which wineries to visit is nearly  impossible to figure out. Winederful’s constant journey is to solve this exact problem. The  update gets us one step closer, enabling the consumer with as much information as possible  for their Oregon Wine travels. 

The “Hand Curated” winery update includes a summary of the winery, hospitality, top wines,  tips when visiting, and memberships. It doesn’t stop there, though! Most of the “Hand  Curated” wineries have an in-depth 1500-2000 word story with the ability to share the winery  with friends and save it for future reference. The team also felt the need to add map features to  show what other wineries are near and turn-by-turn directions. The standard ability to call or  visit the winery’s website is one tap away while browsing crowd-sourced pictures and reviews.  Last but not least, the team added the ability to book a tasting from the same screen.  

“Having the ability to get a grasp on little gemstone wineries throughout the state is what I was  looking for when I started my wine journey,” said A.J. Weinzettel, founder of Winederful. “I’ve  had a blast visiting wineries and getting to know everyone behind the scenes. I want to share  my experiences and provide an easy, beautiful App to help organize your next tasting.” 

About Winederful

The Winederful App is part of A.J. Weinzettel’s Oregon Wine platform. With 2,400 followers on  Instagram and a weekly long-form newsletter, Winederful fills the overwhelming void of where  to visit with the convenience of being in your back pocket. Winederful also strives to be the  closing line of every weekly newsletter, “Let them know A.J. sent you.”

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