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Wines of Portugal 2020 USA Report: Positive Outcome Despite a Turbulent Year 


NEW YORK, NY, May 12, 2021 – 2020 presented a handful of challenges to most sectors of business – and the wine industry is no exception. However, despite a trying year, Wines of Portugal achieved quite  positive results, much due in part to the commitment and consistent work from our winemakers,  distributors, and global allies in the USA.  

Although 2020 presented unexpected circumstances, Portugal’s exports grew by 3.2% in value and 5.3%  in volume (reaching 846 million euros and 3.1 million hectoliters, respectively). The United States  remained the #2 global market for Portuguese wines, just behind France. This includes the sales of  fortified bottlings and bulk wines. America’s market for Portuguese wines increased 3.1% in value and  13.5% in volume (up to 92 million euros and 257 thousand hectoliters, respectively).  

Despite the events of the past year, the growth of Wines of Portugal has been particularly positive on  the US, thanks to the tireless commitment of our producers and their continuous investment in this key  market. We are grateful to know that consumers found comfort in our wines during this unprecedented  time, and we look forward to meeting again in the near future”, ViniPortugal President, Frederico Falcão 

With regards to classified Portuguese wines, including DOP and IGP bottlings, the United States remains  the second destination worldwide for such wines, just behind Brazil. An increase of 13.4% percent of  these bottles’ positions on the US market was achieved in 2020, totaling 59 million euros in value and  reflecting only a slight per liter decrease (down 2.9%).  

In the realm of DOP wines exclusively, exports to the United States increased by 3.8% in value (28.7  million euros) and 8.7% in volume (92,798 hectoliters). 

Positive growth was seen on the IGP side of exports, which experienced the most significant rise: + 25.4% in value and 29.2% in volume (23.6 million euros and 98,088 hectoliters, respectively).  

Despite the unique challenges that the year presented, these results were made possible due to the  hard work and collective efforts executed by our winemakers, distributors, and partners worldwide. 

Wines of Portugal would like to thank you for your continued support and wishes you a prosperous,  wine-filled 2021. Saúde!

About Wines of Portugal 

ViniPortugal is a private and non-profit interprofessional association, created with the aim of promoting  and supporting Portuguese wine production, both domestically and internationally. ViniPortugal’s Mission  is to promote the image of Portugal as a country that produces wines of excellence, by valuing the brand Wines of Portugal and contributing to a sustainable growth of both volume and average price of  Portuguese wine, as well as its diversity. Eight professional associations representing trade (ACIBEV,  ANCEVE and AND), production (CAP, FENADEGAS, FENAVI and FEVIPOR) and demarcated regions  (ANDOVI), integrate ViniPortugal.  

For more information about Wines of Portugal, please visit www.winesofportugal.com.



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