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A&P Inphatec Announces 2020 Field Trial Efficacy Results for XylPhi-PD™


Palo Alto, CA – April 27, 2021– A&P Inphatec, a specialist developer of bacteriophages, announced today the release of important new field trial data on the efficacy of XylPhi-PD™, the biologically based reduction of Pierce’s Disease (PD) in grapevines. XylPhi-PD™ is OMRI-listed and approved for use in organic production. 

XylPhi-PD™ (EPA Reg. No. 93909-1) is registered for use in California and is commercially available through Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness locations State-wide.

The first in-depth public presentation of this new data is scheduled on May 4th at the upcoming EnoForum USA Technical Conference by Dr. Anika Kinkhabwala (Principal Scientist, A&P Inphatec) and Dr. Carlos F. Gonzalez (Texas A&M AgriLife Research Professor, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Texas A&M University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences). 

In addition, a Virtual Field Day at 3 innovative vineyards provides direct “in the field” feedback on the strategic use of XylPhi-PD from Vineyard Operators, leading Researchers and Pest Control Advisors.

Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness R&D Director Mike Rupert, said, “Consistent XylPhi-PD use reduced PD incidence by 57% year-to-year in this 4-site California field study. All sites have a history of high PD pressure and integrated XylPhi-PD into their existing IPM programs”. 

The aggressive field trial program is being continued into the 2021 crop season in collaboration with Wilbur-Ellis R&D. Dr. Anika Kinkhabwala, Principal Scientist at A&P Inphatec states “after another season of XylPhi-PD use and continued declines in infection levels, we are targeting to achieve low levels of PD at these trial sites”.

For the 2021 season, an enhanced version of XylejectTM, the powered injection system used to propel XylPhi-PD directly into the xylem, is being released. An important feature is a dose delivery indicator that allows operators to monitor as they inject. Xyleject is manufactured and sold by Pulse Biotech, LLC

Additional information on XylPhi-PD and A&P Inphatec is available on www.inphatec.com

About A&P Inphatec

A&P Inphatec, LLC is commercializing the first product to prevent and treat symptoms of Pierce’s Disease in grapevines. A&P Inphatec has been working to create a new solution for Pierce’s Disease since 2007 and developed XylPhi-PD™, a new product registered in April 2019. XylPhi-PDTM was registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Biopesticide Pollution Prevention Division (BPPD) and is currently registered for use in California on grapevines against Xylella fastidiosa



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