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GABA App: Find Your Perfect Bottle of Wine on This Innovative Marketplace

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2021, April 23 – Looking for your favorite bottle of wine? In a world filled with wine e-commerce platforms and coupon sites you would think it would be easy to locate hard to find bottles. Unfortunately, tracking down some bottles is still a daunting task. Most people still have to hop from site to site to find what they need. It is also almost impossible to know if your favorite bottles are on sale unless you happen to visit a website at the right time.

GABA App makes shopping for wine so much easier. For nearly three years, our platform and mobile bottle locator have helped customers discover small wine & spirits retailers, allocated items, and great deals.

Michelle, the founder of GABA App, recognized the need for a mobile bottle locator after consulting for small wine & spirits brands for over ten years. Tasked with locating bottles for clients, she found herself visiting multiple stores or websites, only to find that the product was out of stock or unavailable.

Digitally savvy shoppers value platforms that quickly help them find what they’re looking for, especially if the items are on sale. This is why search engines and coupon sites are so popular. Unfortunately, these tools are not optimized for wine customers. GABA App addresses these needs by offering a mobile bottle locator that alerts you when hard to find bottles are available, being sampled, or put on sale. It’s as simple as following your desired bottles and setting up an alert. Shoppers can also accumulate rewards points towards future purchases.

But there’s more…

You can also get an expert wine consultation with GABA’s virtual sommelier “Gaston,” who will help you pair your next meal with the perfect bottle of wine. GABA App covers most NYC neighborhoods, with shipping options enabling even further reach to many states.

GABA App is available for free in the Apple store, and the Google Play Store. You can also visit their web platform at www.gabaapp.com.

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