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Bâtonnage and Nomadica Partner on Limited-Edition Canned Wine to Benefit Mentorship in the Wine Industry 


Sonoma, Calif. (Apr. 26, 2021)—Bâtonnage, an organization and community dedicated to stirring up conversations about women in wine and promoting equity in the industry, has partnered with Nomadica to produce a limited-edition canned wine to support Bâtonnage’s newly launched Mentorship Program

Nomadica, a female, LGBTQ+, and sommelier-owned wine brand, is a collection of curated canned wines that are produced with grapes farmed responsibly and with low intervention in the cellar. Kristin Olszewski, founder and CEO of Nomadica and mentor for the Bâtonnage Mentorship Program, intentionally chose lightweight cans for packaging to reduce shipping weight and, as a result, carbon emissions.

The exclusive collaboration offering is a 4-pack of Sparkling Rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir sourced from Monterey County vineyards; each can retails at $8—100% of proceeds from sales will help fund the Mentorship Program and its associated activities. The one-of-a-kind label artwork is a self-portrait by the talented photographer Alisha Sommer (@alisha_sommer). To see more of her work, visit alishasommer.com and sommersalt.com.

These 4-packs are now available for purchase at female-led retailers and restaurants around the U.S. including: Bay Grape NapaTribeca WineCopake Wine WorksHarding’s MarketPark Avenue Fine WinesFrasca Food and WineA16Olmsted NYCGigi’sGraft Wine Shop3 Parks Wine ShopMontrose Cheese & WineWine & Rock Shop, and Wine + Eggs.

The Bâtonnage Mentorship Program aims to create opportunities for those looking to gain guidance, career advice, and networking opportunities within the five industry areas of focus (cellar/production, viticulture, sales and marketing, retail, and hospitality) in the wine industry. The inaugural Level 1 Mentorship Program matched 49 mentors with over 140 mentees, to be followed by the roll out of Level 2 (launching in May 2021) and Level 3 later this year. The success of the Level 1 program was endorsed by the feedback and testimonials from Level 1 mentors and mentees collected through an anonymous survey.

For questions or more information, please visit bit.ly/nomadica-limited-edition-batonnage or contact mentorship@batonnageforum.com.

About Bâtonnage Forum

Founded in 2018 by Stevie Stacionis and Sarah Bray and now produced by O’Donnell Lane, LLC, Bâtonnage is the brainchild of all those who identify as women working in all the different facets of the wine industry. The forum serves as a platform to educate wine professionals as well as wine industry supporters on the unique challenges and opportunities that women in the field—winemakers, vineyard workers, writers and marketers, salespeople, sommeliers, collectors, and drinkers—have faced both historically and present-day. Bâtonnage extends well beyond the one-day forum to a community who strives to investigate and implement pragmatic solutions for charting a positive, inclusive course forward. Save the date for the 2021 Forum to take place online June 22-24. For more information and to join the conversation, visit batonnageforum.com.

About Nomadica

Nomadica is a collection of wines thoughtfully curated by sommelier Kristin Olszewski. Nomadica’s mission is to bring the sommelier experience beyond the fine dining restaurant. All wines are sourced from vineyards with responsible and sustainable farming practices, and from winemakers who engage in low intervention winemaking with no chemical manipulation. All wines are vegan, low sulfur, and fermented dry. explorenomadica.com.



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