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Cork Supply/Tonnellerie OI: CEO Promotions and Company Name Change Announcements


Peter Hladun Promoted to CEO, Cork Supply USA, Josh Trowbridge Promoted to CEO, Tonnellerie Ô, The Cork Supply Group becomes Harv 81 Group

Peter Hladun

April 20, 2021Benicia, California The Harv 81 Group is pleased to announce the promotion of Peter Hladun to Chief Executive Officer, Cork Supply USA, and Joshua Trowbridge to Chief Executive Officer, Tonnellerie Ô; the promotions become effective immediately.

“Both Peter and Josh have been instrumental in building the company brands and strategically positioning our portfolio of superior top of the bottle and oak products at the forefront of the marketplace,” said Harv 81 Group founder Jochen Michalski. “Their leadership skills are exceptional and with their deep industry experience of the global wine closures, cooperage, and oak alternatives industries, I am confident Cork Supply USA and Tonnellerie Ô are well-positioned to continue their outstanding growth and development.” Hladun and Trowbridge will report directly to Michalski, President of Harv 81 Group. 

Joshua Trowbridge
Joshua Trowbridge

Michalski also explained the recent transition of the group name Cork Supply Group to Harv 81 Group, saying, “Our mission is to proudly support the global wine and spirits community by providing consistent and reliable solutions and products. We wanted a name that represents our drive towards innovation and our expertise in closures, oak, and labels. We realized that it is time to honor our past while projecting our future – we are Harv 81 Group.”

About Harv 81 Group

In 1981 we founded Cork Supply, the first company of the Harv 81 Group in the US. In the decades that followed we opened Cork Supply operations in the leading wine markets of the world (Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, and China) with the same commitment to excellence. Today we produce premium natural and technical corks for wine and spirits producers, and we work hard to redefine quality through innovation, superior service, and expertise. 

During these decades of growth, we diversified into other areas of business that also support wine and spirits producers. In 2007, we entered the label market with the award-winning company Studio Labels in Australia. In 2008, we opened Tonnellerie Ô, a state-of-the-art cooperage to manufacture high quality barrels in the US. 

Today, with our long-lasting expertise and deep commitment to quality, we can proudly say that we support the wine and spirits producers by providing consistent, reliable, and premium solutions through these companies. 

We are experts in Closures, Oak and Labels. We are Harv 81 Group.

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