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Significant Chain Growth Reported for Q1 as American Northwest Distributors Adds to its Sales Leadership Team 


April 20th – American Northwest Distributors, Inc has seen strong growth in volume,  placements and revenue in most Northwest Chains as it announces the addition  of Kirk Kauhane to its growing Sales Leadership team in the role of National  Chain Sales Manager. Mr.Kauhane will focus on National Retail Chains like  Kroger and Albertson’s.  

“I believe that in order to build a successful partnership with our business  clients, the relationships need to be mutually beneficial and closely managed  with an extreme emphasis on growing and building trust with a local, family owned distributor from the Pacific Northwest. If everyone is on board and  moving forward together, then success should take care of itself.” – Says  Mr.Kauhane.  

Kirk brings decades of industry experience, including distributor, supplier  and national chain management. He is uniquely qualified to operate in a  dynamic environment of a growing family-owned and operated distributor as  American Northwest continues to expand its business in chain retail. 

“We learned the hard not to delegate chain retail strategy. ANW is evolving  to become the distributor that retail chains need. Focused on service,  communication and value creation for our partners. We are moving our model  from the traditional approach of leveraging brand exclusivity to gain  business to leveraging our service, efficiency and transparency to attract  the suppliers that crave to get the seat at the table with large retailers.”  – adds Anton F. Wright, CEO. 

American Northwest has a team of Broad Market, National and Regional Chain  Sales as well as Portfolio Managers and Specialists that can help most mid sized and large suppliers navigate the challenges of the Northwest, increase  their market share and qualitative distribution. ANW is the largest Fine Wine  & Spirits Importer and Distributor in the Northwest.  

For more information or to learn how to become a supplier to American  Northwest or if you are looking for job opportunities, please contact  Anatalia Wright – [email protected]



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