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The 2020 Vintage in Alto Adige Produces Top Quality Red Wines 


Bolzano, Italy (April 19, 2021) – The Alto Adige wine industry reports an overall satisfactory 2020  harvest: a good vintage on average for white wines, and an excellent one for red wines, particularly for  Lagrein and Pinot Noir.  

In 2020, a great deal of dedication and diligence were required from Alto Adige winegrowers with their  work in the vineyards. “Despite some difficult weather conditions, the winegrowers were able to master  the situation well with their considerable efforts along with the recommendations from advisory  institutions,” says, Eduard Bernhart, Director of the Alto Adige Wine Consortium. “The harvest of  healthy grapes has rarely been as dependent on a precise picking time as in 2020,” Bernhart reported. 

Winegrowers and winemakers are overall satisfied with the harvest. The sugar values in 2020 are on  average around 1° lower on the Klosterneuburg scale than in recent years, and the total acidity values are  at the average of recent years. As a result of the lower sugar levels, the alcohol levels are also somewhat  lower. “With the white wines, that is certainly not a disadvantage, as this makes them more accessible  and fresh,” Bernhart added. Among the white wines, 2020 presents itself as a good vintage on average  with high quality Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, in particular.  

Winemakers are very satisfied with many of the red wines from 2020, especially Pinot Noir and Lagrein. These two grapes showed extremely well at the higher elevation locations in the Bassa Atesina. The  2020 Lagrein in Bolzano is a dark color, elegant, with a lot of structure and ripe tannins, resulting in one  of the best vintages for this grape. In Meran and the Adige Valley, Lagrein, Pinot Noir, and Merlot are  all expected to be of excellent quality after some time in the cellar. Merlot and Cabernet had to be  harvested somewhat earlier than planned because of the weather conditions, but are still of good quality across the region.  

“The lowered target yields on the part of the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine helped to achieve the  quality targets in 2020,” explains Bernhart. At lower elevation locations, the 2020 harvest volumes were  around five percent lower than in the previous year, and at the higher elevations, around ten percent  lower. The target harvest quantities which had been set by the Consortium of Alto Adige Wines a result  of the Covid-19 crisis could be met nearly everywhere.



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