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Yahyn Is at the Helm of Wine Experiences with Worth Avenue Yachts Partnership


MANCHESTER, N.H., April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Yahyn, the leading online wine sales startup and lifestyle brand, has announced their newest partnership with Worth Avenue Yachts to continue their commitment to creating unique, personal experiences for wine enthusiasts around the world.

Worth Avenue is a yacht brokerage company founded by industry-leading professionals who share Yahyn’s passion for fresh, innovative ideas. Pierre Rogers, CEO and Founder of Yahyn, stated that “wine and yachting have a long history going back centuries with the christening tradition of breaking a bottle of champagne with every new boat. This new partnership is a perfect blend of exclusivity and opulence.”

Worth Avenue helps individuals find the most luxurious one-of-a-kind yachting experience, and Yahyn will deliver a personalized wine recommendation service for anyone onboard. The Worth Avenue partnership highlights the continued expansion of Yahyn’s sommelier service (Y-Somm) by allowing yacht owners, charters, and crew chefs the convenience of connecting directly with a top world sommelier for wine pairings and customized recommendations.

Yahyn also recently launched the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) for wine allocations, granting wine enthusiasts an opportunity to create digital assets that are representative of their wine collection, Jack Ambriz, mentioned that this is only the beginning.

Whether it is the discovery of new vineyards, a match based on your wine palate preferences, or an elevated opulent experience, Yahyn is committed to continue driving value to its community.

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