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ZIGNUM Mezcal Debuts Symbolically Rich Packaging


Oaxaca, Mexico / April 12, 2021: Rooted in Oaxaca, ZIGNUM is one of the leading Mezcals in Mexico and Mexican duty free and the most awarded Mezcal in the world. All three ZIGNUM expressions – Joven, Reposado, and Añejo – gain consistent acclaim for being exceptionally smooth and easy-to-drink, with the latter two having added flavor complexity from oak aging far beyond minimum legal requirements. 

ZIGNUM is debuting packaging created by Quaker City Mercantile, best-known for creating Hendrick’s Gin. The packaging debuted in duty free channels last year, and was entered into the San Francisco World Spirits Design Competition, in which the Joven and Reposado won gold medals, and the Añejo won a silver.

The new ZIGNUM Joven and Reposado labels are inspired by the pre-Hispanic Oaxacan temples. Silver and gold embossing pops from the label’s rich black fabric, referencing the colors of the liquids and paying homage to the region’s heritage. On both labels, central roundels surround a spear hall-marked with an agave, referring to the ZIGNUM distillery’s leading edge in sustainability programs, such as being animal cruelty-free and pioneering agave nursery practices. Detailed geographic patterns flank a “doorway” device, leading to a dark entryway calling to mind the cool, dark, barrel-aging room at the distillery.  

The Añejo label also includes the stepped shape, roundel, and metallic detail, which is rose gold in color and almost perfectly matches the liquid within. This label offers additional detail about the liquid itself, including the variety of agave used (Espadín), specifics on the barrel ageing (French and American oak), and hand-written notice of the ABV (40%).

All three bottles have wooden closures, once again referencing barrel aging and also honoring the local tradition of hand-carved alebrijes. An elegant strip seal honors the distillery’s wastewater reclamation programs.  

Saul Moise, Commercial Director of ZIGNUM, says: “The incredible growth of agave spirits in the U.S. is wonderful to see. Now, consumers are looking for lesser-known brands and very eager to learn about Mezcal, particularly Mezcal from Oaxaca. The smooth, easy-to-drink character of ZIGNUM is a great way to enter the Mezcal category, and the quality of the spirit shines through either solo or in cocktails.”

ZIGNUM Mezcal is currently available in its new packaging in FL, CA, TX, NY, IL, GA, and CO. The suggested retail pricing is USD $35.00 for the Joven; $40.00 for the Reposado; and $60.00 for the Añejo.

About ZIGNUM Mezcal (NOM-070)    

ZIGNUM’s Maestro Mezcaleros oversee quality from sustainable agave seed germination to oak aging, carefully guiding the Mezcal from harvest through bottling.

Aging is a particular hallmark of the brand. Only American and French oak casks are used, and for periods far beyond the minimums required by the Denomination of Origen. ZIGNUM Reposado is aged in American white oak for a minimum of 8 months, and ZIGNUM Añejo in a combination of French and American oak for a minimum of 18 months.  It is ideally enjoyed neat, complimented with an orange slice and sal de gusano. 

The distillery’s unique MÉTODO VERDE™ sustainability programs include being animal cruelty-free, certified Clean Industry by Mexico’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Kosher certified, among other designations. This, combined with the brand’s distinctly clean aromas and recognition as a smooth and easy to drink Mezcal, led to ZIGNUM’s tagline “PURO MEZCAL.”

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