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Cantina Toblino: A New Project to Support Biodiversity in the Vineyard Between Sustainability and Social Impact


April 14th – Protect the natural habitat of the Valle dei Laghi, a portion of the Trentino area between the northern part of Lake Garda and the Dolomites with a centuries-old winemaking tradition, cultivating vines with techniques based on organic farming. A practice that the members of Cantina Toblino started already in 2012, among the first Italian wineries of considerable size. The cultivation benefits are immediate and just as many awards. It is worth mentioning the one awarded by the Umwelt Environment Commission Euregio Certificate of prestige, obtained after the analysis of nearly a hundred projects presented to the Commission launched by the Alpine Communities of Tyrol, Alto Adige and Trentino with the involvement of Transkom, who evaluated the project aimed at raising awareness and motivating greater protection of the environment, encouraging innovation and territorial enhancement. 

A further recognition that strengthens the conviction towards the goodness of the path undertaken.

For some harvests the oenologist Claudio Perpruner has been making organic quality grapes, in close collaboration with his staff and with the oenologist Luca D’Attoma. This is how the Vent wines were born that a few weeks ago Robert Parker Wine Advocate judged deserving of excellence scores:

The Trentino Chardonnay Foll (made with organic fruit) is the most full-bodied of these three new whites (which includes a Pinot Bianco Pràal and a Manzoni Bianco Da Fòra) from Cantina Toblino. The Chardonnay shows a bright golden color and the wine’s appearance is viscous and rich. The bouquet is quite beautiful because instead of any obvious oak or aged aromas, it shows a very generous and ripe quality of fruit. This impression builds on the palate with creamy opulence (but without any residual heaviness). This is a bold Chardonnay that flaunts its cool-climate mountain identity. Ultimately, it reaches good balance between fruit and territory. Cantina Toblino is located in the gorgeous lake district of Trentino, where the mirrored surface of water reflects the jagged peaks of the mountains beyond. Farming is organic and winemaking is followed by consultant Luca D’Attoma said Monica Larner.

The path of continuous improvement in organic cultivation and production is a mantra for the Director Carlo De Biasi, whose attitude to green production has been certified by the recognition of the International Award Green Personality of the Year 2013 by The Drinks Business magazine.

Environmental, choral and shared project. To involve not only the winemakers, but the inhabitants of the valley themselves, with beneficial effects on those – first and foremost tourists – who choose the surrounding villages near Lake Toblino to spend relaxing moments in a habitat where Nature remains the protagonist.

This is also due to the group of winemakers who have really ‘fielded’ agronomic techniques of organic setting, learned after intensive training courses, meetings and discussions with authoritative experts in the sector, and with the professional and patient support of those who know the vineyard and these territories well, Nicola Caveden and Giuliano Cattoni.

A path that continues with a new project started a few weeks ago with the aim, on the one hand, of safeguarding biodiversity within the vineyards, and on the other, of combining sustainability and organic farming with social impact

A project that involves various actors, all committed to the sustainable development of rural areas. The important collaboration with Beelieve is part of this context, a promising start-up project that deals with promoting coexistence between man and nature with crafts with a social impact.

Beelieve is the ideal partner for Cantina Toblino as it is able to combine the carpentry activity with that of a socialization center at work with the aim of giving new perspectives to the children followed by the Progetto 92 cooperative. In addition to this aspect, there is another point in common between Beelieve and Cantina Toblino. It is the idea of taking care of the territory starting from the care of the entire supply chain behind each product, paying attention to every detail that composes it and every hand that works on it. 

Beelieve involves the Project 92 guys in all stages of the process, from working in the carpentry to the assembly and installation of the structures. The goal of Beelieve and Progetto 92 is precisely to strengthen the personal skills, enhance the resources and social skills of these young people, developing a correct way of approaching the working context to find a concrete space within the world of employment.

From a practical point of view, the project involved the installation of ecological structures that help increase the spread of wildlife and improve the use of the biotopes where it finds refuge within the vineyards of Cantina Toblino. In particular, these are “nests” for birds and bats made with PEFC certified wood from the Val di Fiemme crashed in October 2018 due to the Vaia storm. These larch and spruce wood structures were built and installed in the vineyards of Cantina Toblino by young people involved in the Progetto 92 cooperative, engaging a dozen Project 92 students under the supervision of an educator and Giuliano Cattoni, company manager of Agricola Toblino Srl.

Beelieve’s symbol is the bee, an icon of work and cooperation, which unlike competition produces benefits for everyone. Almost a mantra, which once again unites the values ​​of Beelieve, Progetto 92 and Cantina Toblino.

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