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ANW Takes a Hyperlocal Approach to Distribution in Oregon with Expansion of Its Management Team 


April 1st – American Northwest Distributors, Oregon is shifting in its approach to  Northwest market with the addition of Chain and Portfolio managers that will  be based in Portland, Oregon.  

“Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that building meaningful connections with  customers and suppliers is paramount to our success. While the industry trend  is to consolidate, automate and digitize, we continue to build personal  relationships between our growers, distillers and customers” – comments Anton  F. Wright, CEO.  

Shawn Simons will be joining in the role of Oregon Chain Manager. As an  industry veteran, Mr. Simons brings a wealth of experience with his nearly 30  years of managing diverse brands, including Pernod Ricard, Copper Cane and  others. Shawn will handle all national and regional chains that are based in  Oregon. 

The Portfolio Manager position will be handled by Charlie Kercheval, a  veteran of ANW Oregon and a person familiar with the inner workings of the  company. Ms.Kercheval has deep roots in the Oregon Wine Industry and brings a  thoughtful and professional approach. 

“Since joining ANW Oregon in 2018, Ms. Kercheval has brought precision to  every role she has held. Charlie’s integrated wine knowledge combined with a  direct approach and consistent drive for professional excellence makes her  the ideal personality to manage our Portfolio.” – says Nels Becker, Vice  President of Sales, Oregon. 

For more information, visit anwdistributors.com.



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