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Saverglass Shares Rosé Glass Bottle Packaging Innovations.


Saverglass logoMarch 23rd – Saverglass, Saverglass, the world’s leading manufacturer and decorator of luxury and high-end glass bottles for wines and spirits, shares insights into rosé glass bottle packaging innovations.

The rosé glass bottle evolution is an example of what the future holds for premium wine glass packaging for other wine categories. Whether it’s a traditional Provençal wine or a celebrity rosé brand, producers choose one-of-a-kind glass bottles with sweeping curve shapes, intricate punts that look like a golf ball, or creating new concepts, such as flat-sided bottle shapes or perfume-like bottle shapes.

“Premium offerings of rosé go hand-in-hand with refined bottles that have an appealing shape that draws attention, make use of creative decorating techniques instead of simply just labels, and bottles are personalized through embossing on the finish, body, and base,” said Régis Maillet, Marketing Director for Saverglass Group.

Rosé has become a favorite among dedicated wine drinkers and newbies alike because of the wide range of premium wines and packaging on the market today. “Rosé wines show their best qualities when packaged in a way that allows buyers to see their subtle range of colors. Using extra-white flint glass for the whole bottle, including the punt, the light concentrated at the base radiates throughout the bottle to showcase the pale color of the wine,” added Maillet.

Rosé wines have gradually found their way into high-end restaurants, offering more-structured rosé wines to be age-worthy enough to be paired with several refined dishes. As rosé wine hits the Michelin-star restaurants, producers opt for bottles with ultra-intricate designs, premium decoration, and unique bases to make the wine stand out.

Saverglass is the world’s specialist in manufacturing and decorating premium and luxury glass bottles, with three glass production sites and three decoration sites in France, one glass production and decoration site in Mexico, one glass production site in the United Arab Emirates, one glass production site in Belgium. Saverglass produces a total of about 500,000 Tons of premium glass per year and operates four decoration factories that decorate over 150 million bottles per year, including a state-of-the-art facility in North America. The Group achieved a turnover of $560 million in 2020.

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