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Mateus Dry Rosé Announces Release of 2020 Vintage


New York, NY (MARCH 23, 2021) | Mateus announces the release of Mateus Dry Roseì 2020 vintage, a dry and expressive Portuguese wine that continues to characterize the New Shape of Roseì.

Last year’s much-anticipated U.S. launch of the inaugural Mateus Dry Roseì 2019 vintage made waves in the category, redefining the historic brand with the production of a new dry wine style along with contemporary branding and updated packaging. Today, the 2020 vintage of Mateus Dry Roseì, with its subtly elegant pale pink hue delivers intensely vibrant aromatics and balanced red fruit flavors on the palate.

Mateus’ head winemaker, Antoìnio Braga, explains the 2020 vintage more precisely stating, “This refreshing style results from a blend exclusively using red grape varieties fermented off skin, including mostly Portuguese grape varietals – Baga and Touriga Nacional. The result is a balanced and easy-drinking value wine that is fruity with notes of cherry and strawberry. An excellent harmony of a subtle mouth-feel and acidity.”


The 2020 vintage year in Portugal was marked by above average temperatures, resulting in a warmer and drier winter than usual. Spring delivered a similar climate that led to flowering at the end of May followed by extremely hot summer temperatures, without much rain. Harvest began in early September and the warm environment proved to be favorable in the production of this vintage.


Braga shares more about the production process, stating, “The very light crushing and pressing of the red grape varietals allow for the subtle extraction of a slightly pink must, which is followed by a controlled fermentation. The maturation on fine lees allows for optimal quality for bottling.”

Mateus Dry Roseì 2020 is best consumed chilled (45 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit) and while it is still young (ideally within 3 years). Enjoy alongside light and refreshing dishes such as salads and seafood or simply on its own and as the temperatures rise with spring right around the corner, it is the perfect time to sip Mateus Dry Roseì.

Mateus Dry Roseì 2020 (12% ABV) is now available at wine retailers across the U.S. as well as in restaurants and bars. SRP: $12.99/750ml and $3.99 / 187ml. At just $12.99 (750ml), you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its elegance and versatility. If you’re looking for an adventure, bring some Mateus mini bottles to enjoy with friends for $3.99 (187ml).

To learn more about Mateus in the U.S., follow us on Facebook (Facebook.com/mateusroseusa), Instagram (Instagram.com/mateusroseusa) and online at www.mateusrose.us.

Mateus was born in 1942 from the idea of a visionary man, who created a pink colored wine launched in a bottle inspired by the flasks used by soldiers in the First World War.

From Portugal to the world, Mateus soon became a global reference, with consistency in quality as a premise. More than 75 years have gone by but Mateus believes in reinventing the roseì category, by offering refreshing and fruity wines and promoting a diversity of easy-drinking experiences – all day roseì!

In 2020, with presence in over 120 markets and 21,000,000 bottles sold, the brand dreams to intrigue new consumers worldwide and make Mateus a part of popular culture again!

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