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Preeminent Oregon Winery Digitizes Cellar and Winemaking Practices Through Innovative Software System Technology


vintrace, a cloud-based winery software management system created to track and enhance the winery production process from grape to bottle, has revolutionized the way Union Wine Company in Oregon is doing business.

Going into the 2020 harvest, the highly successful 500,000 case per year winery was looking to continue adding efficiency to their operations, including improving data entry accuracy, eliminating lab collections delays, and resolving communication issues with work orders and shift changes, plus addressing the multiple and unprecedented ways Covid-19 affected the workplace.

Those issues were effectively addressed when Union Wine Co. chose to expand their existing vintrace processes to include having the cellar team use the mobile app for both iOS and Android operating systems, facilitating real-time, onsite data input and tracking across the entire winemaking spectrum.

Kaitlin O’Brien

According to former Union Wine Co. Assistant Winemaker Kaitlin O’Brien, when her company set up its cellar staff of 30 with iPod Touch devices utilizing vintrace’s digital work order system, improvements were instantaneous.

O’Brien reports that accuracy was “ten times better, plus data was in our winemaking system as soon as it was measured.”

She also notes that vintrace’s digital work order system made it easier for cellar staff to work sequentially to avoid errors, as “one must complete the screen requiring a tank dip before they can move to the next step.”

The complete Union Wine Company story is here: https://www.vintrace.com/tus/client-stories/upgrading-from-pen-and-paper-union-wine-co/.

For Heather Crawford, vintrace Chief Growth Officer, the testimonial success from Union Wine Company affirms the intention and efficacy of the vintrace design.

“What matters is the speed with which information moves from one hand to the next,” Crawford points out. “Anything we can do to help the winemaking team access information and share the information flow is just huge.”

“If people are able to do things faster and make fewer mistakes, that saves time – and that’s money.”

For more information or to request a demo, go to www.vintrace.com.

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