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Sippd Launches AI-Powered Wine App Changing How Consumers Buy Wine

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Sippd LogoMarch 19th – Sippd, the personal wine-recommender and marketplace that identifies the best wines for an individual’s specific palate during their in-person dining and online wine shopping experiences, announces its mobile app launch on March 17, 2021. Available for free on the iOS and Android stores, Sippd uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide all levels of wine drinkers with the data needed to simplify and individualize their wine purchasing journey.

In 2020, online wine sales jumped from just 2% to 10%, from April to November, with e-commerce wine sales up 153% and the total number of orders up 190%. With the trend of e-commerce purchases set to continue in 2021, the Sippd mobile app mirrors consumer behavior and habits of increasingly relying on online shopping to solve their wine quandaries. Users will see their individual Taste Match score for each wine along with tasting notes, food pairings, unbiased reviews, and more. The Sippd app will give wine consumers confidence in an overwhelming marketplace to explore new wines while minimizing the fear of not liking a product.

“Sippd was created to empower consumers to make educated wine purchasing decisions through the power of AI and personalization,” says Blake Hershey, Co-Founder and CEO of Sippd. “We all have unique palates and the world of wine can be intimidating. Rather than relying on expert opinions that may not be available in the digital world, Sippd is a one-stop-shop for selecting wine with confidence, expanding your wine knowledge and enjoying your experiences.”

Innovative features on Sippd’s mobile app include:

  • Taste Match technology. The personalized 1 to 100 Taste Match indicates how much an individual will enjoy each wine— the higher the score, the closer to preference.
  • Scan and discover. Scan any restaurant wine list and see a digitized mecca of wine knowledge at your fingertips. See unbiased community reviews, tasting notes, food pairings and more to select the best bottle for the occasion.
  • Shop 10,000+ wines online. Know which wines you’ll enjoy before you order while flipping through restaurant wine menus and shopping select wine retailers online. Explore Trending Wines within the Sippd community, shop seasonal curations and get wine delivered to your doorstep.
  • Keep track of your favorites. View a list of the wines you’ve wishlisted, ordered and rated on your Profile with your personal wine list, allowing for a quick recap and reorder of your favorite bottles.
  • Accurate recommendations. As your profile grows, so does Sippd’s ability to identify and instantly recommend wines on the menu or in the online store to suit your palate.

In addition to identifying the best wines for an individual’s taste, the Sippd app can also find the best prices. Users will be able to search for nearby restaurants or e-commerce wine retailers that match their taste and budget preferences, order the best wine for group preferences, and share their thoughts with other Sippers on our Community buildout.

Simplify and transform your dine-in and online shopping experience with personalized wine recommendations for your tastes. Download Sippd on the Apple and Google Play stores for free and for more information, please contact Alicia Ortiz, Communications Manager, at [email protected] For retailers that would like to learn more about featuring your products on Sippd, please email our team at [email protected]

About Sippd

Sippd empowers people to focus on enjoying their wine, not ordering it. Combining artificial intelligence and wine, Sippd helps wine lovers find and order wines that match their tastes. With our Taste Match capabilities, we’re able to provide you with personalized wine recommendations that continually evolves with your preferences, so you can effortlessly order the perfect bottle every time. Stop wasting your money on bottles you don’t like and instead, simplify and transform your online wine experience with Sippd, the AI-powered personal sommelier that knows your palate. Sippd’s free mobile app is available for download on the Apple store here and Google Play store here. For more information, visit sippd.com.

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