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Change of Leadership on the Board for Montecucco Consortium: Giovan Battista Basile Is the New Chairman


Sustainability, with almost 70% of Montecucco wines made with organic farming, will be the main asset of the consortium, together with the uniqueness of the Sangiovese grape

New York, March 9th, 2021 – Giovan Battista Basile, owner of Basile Winery, has been named the new president of the Consortium for the Protection of Montecucco wines. The change in leadership of the board was decided on February 25, after the Management Board meeting, which welcomes Giorgio Patrizi of Tenuta Piani Rossi, Giampiero Pazzaglia of Collemassari, Claudio Vigni of Società Agricola Maciarine and Marco Salustri of Azienda Salustri as new members. The following members were also reconfirmed: Patrizia Chiari of Tenuta L’Impostino, Marco Innocenti of Peteglia, Daniele Rosellini of Agricola Campinuovi and Leonardo Sodi of Azienda Agricola Parmoleto.

Giovan Battista, originally from Naples, Italy, and raised in the Maremma region, moved to Cinigiano (Province of Grosseto) with his family in the late ‘90s, arriving in the heart of the Montecucco region right when the DOC denomination was being established. He decided to buy a vacant lot, starting from scratch with his new agricultural venture. This land now constitutes his organic vineyard. Giovanni, after finishing his education and obtaining a law degree, fell in love with this special land. He likes to describe his land as “a wilderness yet to be discovered” that can offer unique expressions in winemaking and experiences for tourism.

“I am extremely pleased to be entrusted by the councilors, and I am enthusiastically taking on this responsibility for the denomination that I hold in my heart,” said the new president. He continued, “I am honored to inherit the important legacy left by Claudia Tipa, whom I thank for many reasons: first, for always believing in our Denomination of Origin; second, for helping it grow; third, for helping us introduce it all over the world; and, last but not least, for being a real beacon to all the producers. Our goals now are very clear and in line with those of her term. Our effort is going to strengthen the sense of collegiality and participation. The new council faces a difficult economic situation, in general, and for our industry in particular, which is heavily reliant on the on-premise sector that is waiting to restart after the vaccination campaign. The new board and I will carry out the new term with great care and attention, focusing on the retention of the domestic market and expansion in the US.. Not only do we want to increase our visibility through traditional and digital PR activities, but also engage online with experts and international media, until we can be face to face with the public again.”

Sustainability, a key element in the DOC and DOCG where almost 70% of production is organic, will be the main asset of the consortium. Another important asset is the uniqueness of the Sangiovese grape, the “king” of the denomination, characterized by its high quality and distinctive personality. Finally, we should mention the great value of Montecucco terroir and its logo. The president concluded by saying, “These are the strengths that will allow us to consolidate the positive trends recorded in the past years and further strengthen our presence, starting in Italy and extending to the global market.”

About the Montecucco Consortium (Consorzio Tutela Montecucco):

Founded in 2000 and representing 68 wine producers, the Montecucco Consortium is committed to the stewardship, protection, and promotion of the Montecucco wine denomination. The Consortium ensures high quality by a set of formal production guidelines for the entire winemaking process, from cultivation to bottling, including a strict traceability system that allows consumers to know the origin of the wine purchased. The Consortium’s ability to provide day-in and day-out support to the local growers, assist in brand promotion, and focus on the quality of the end product have earned the organization the trust of numerous leading estates and to attract some of Italy’s most renowned producers. For more information visit consorziomontecucco.it

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