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Vicard Generation 7 Introduces Nacre Toast, Their Third Ultra-Low Toast Option for Increasing Fruit Notes in Both Red and White Wine


NAPA, March 8th, 2021- Vicard Generation 7 has added a 3rd ultra-low toast barrel. The low toast options, when paired with tannin selection wood, promote more fruit expression, and increase the creamy notes in the mid-palate.  They are a perfect fit for white wine but are also used on red wine to amplify and deepen fruit notes. 

Controlling toasted notes is extremely difficult to achieve because once the toasting temperature hits 180˚C, Furanic Aldehydes (Furfural, 5MF, 5HMF), Volatile Thiols (FFT) and Phenols (Guaïcaol, Eugenol) begin converting into toasted notes on a logarithmic scale.  Utilizing a patented computer-controlled radiant heat process, accurate to +/-3˚C, the cooperage controls the development of these compounds or in the case of the ultra-low toasts, stops them from forming in the first place yielding a barrel that provides the needed richness of French Oak with zero toasted notes.  

The ultra-low toast range now includes:

  • White Toast Maximum retention of lactones, tannins, and freshness with zero toasted notes.  Fruit expression is crisp and bright.
  • Nacre Toast Decreased lactone content, softer tannins with zero toasted notes. Fruit is richer and the wine has an increased creamy note.
  • Ivory Toast Even lower lactone content and softer tannins with zero toasted notes.  Intense creamy palate with deep fruit flavor. 

All 3 ultra-low toasts as well as the full range of Gradual toasts (from very low to high toast) are available with our tannin selection, ECO 3 Micro-stave, ECO Select barrels and the Ovonum™ Cask.  Details about temperature and time for toasts are available upon request.

If you would like more information on our research or would like to see the full list of barrel, tank and oak adjunct options, please visit www.vicardg7.com  or contact: Christy Thomas at [email protected] or at 707-228-5982    

About Vicard Generation 7 

Jean-Charles Vicard founded Vicard Generation 7 in 2010 with the goal of understanding and controlling all variables in the coopering process.  Drawing on 6 generations of oak expertise, paired with strong winery partnerships around the world, VICARD Generation 7 honors the next generation of coopers with a completely new approach regarding wood analysis, selection and toasting and now leads the coopering industry with innovation, reproducibility, and eco-responsibility

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