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Don Sebastiani & Sons Tap Omar Percich as Chief Executive Officer 


SONOMA, CA (March 2, 2021) – Current Don Sebastiani & Sons Chief Operating Officer, Omar Percich, is being promoted to Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. 

In this expanded role, Omar will continue to work closely with Don Sebastiani & Sons President, Donny Sebastiani, to increase overall profitability and portfolio growth across the company. 

Omar joined the company in 2017 as Chief Financial Officer and was subsequently elevated to Chief Operating Officer, taking over for the retiring Tom Hawkins. Over the course of his nearly five-year career, Omar has been instrumental in growing the company’s efficiencies and profitability focusing on; reducing costs, increasing accountability while implementing the wine industry pricing management software, Tradeparency and shaping an effective and bright executive team who are well positioned for the future success of the company. During his tenure, Omar has also been invaluable throughout the company’s acquisition of several wine brands, including Leese Fitch, Plungerhead, White Knight and Moobuzz, grown current wine brand line extensions with new varietals, and the launch of the successful Flybird agave wine cocktail margarita brand.  

“We are incredibly pleased to see Omar take on this executive position with Don Sebastiani & Sons,” said President, Donny Sebastiani. “His hard work, talent and dedication to our company has brought us much success and we know Omar is the right choice to lead us into our bright future,” he added. 

Omar previously worked as Controller and CFO for Foley Family Wines in Napa, CA. Since joining Don Sebastiani & Sons, he has been pivotal in cementing Don Sebastiani & Sons path for continued success as one of the few remaining family-owned wine businesses. 

“I am honored to have the opportunity and the trust to lead an organization with so much history and success,” said Omar Percich. “I love my work here with Don & Sons and we have so much to build upon for our future success – I see this as just the beginning,” He added.  

For more information, please visit Don Sebastiani & Sons website www.donsebastianiandsons.com



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