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Introducing Origins Organic Imports


New Importer of Organically Grown Wines

Miami, FL, February 22, 2021 – Origins Organic Imports, an import company dedicated to bringing to market organically grown wines, launches today under its new name, with an expanded portfolio and new website: www.originsorganicimports.com. Formally known as WISD LLC, the importing arm of Argentina’s Domaine Bousquet, the Miami-based importer now extends beyond Domaine Bousquet to embrace a growing collection of organically grown wines from around the world.

The new venture is part of a long-term business strategy from husband-and-wife team Labid Ameri and Anne Bousquet, owners of Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s leading purveyor of organically grown wines. As Ameri, puts it: “Our vision is to become the largest importer of organic-fruit wines in the U.S., a source of well-priced, high-quality offerings from around the world, in addition to those from our own property.”

With Origins Organic Imports, Ameri and Bousquet look forward to introducing U.S. consumers to a growing roster of producers that share its founders’ DNA of quality, conscience, and value. The Origins Organic Imports portfolio currently includes:

–       Domaine Bouquet (Argentina)

–       Gaia (Argentina)

–       Lalande (Argentina)

–       Natural Origins box wines (Argentina/Italy)

–       Corvezzo (Italy)

–       Danaus (Spain)

–       Petit Comité (Spain)


For the two entrepreneurs, launch of Origins Organic Imports follows on the significant success of Domaine Bousquet. In 2018, Domaine Bousquet sold around 60,000 cases. In 2019, that figure climbed to 112,000 cases (+ 87%). In 2020, Domaine Bousquet recorded sales of 181,000 cases, (+62% over the previous year). Domaine Bousquet is now the largest organic wine brand from Argentina, Argentina’s second fastest-growing brand of wines, and ranks among the top five organic wine brands sold in the United States.

Driving that success are three main Domaine Bousquet wines: Malbec Premium (+33%), Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (+130%), and Domaine Bousquet Charmat Sparkling White (+87%), joined in 2019 by Domaine Bousquet’s Virgen collection of USDA certified-organic wines (+28%), plus 43,000 cases of the company’s new-to-market 2020-debut Natural Origins box wines.

Former economist Bousquet credits the success to a long-term strategy finally bearing fruit. “We started our import company in 2014 and it took five years to build those strong relationships with distributors. Now we are able to offer that benefit to other producers around the world.”

Ameri clarifies: “As a company we are laser-focused on pricing. Recently we have worked one-on-one with our 25 distributors to ensure, as much as possible, that our wines at retail have consistent pricing nationally. Pricing consistency drives volume.”



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