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Group Vicard Expands weOAK® Oak Alternatives to Meet Worldwide Demand


NAPA, Feb 01, 2021- Following the successful launch of weOAK® Tannin Selection oak inserts Jean-Charles Vicard is proud to announce the addition of weBLOCK and Éclats de Chêne immersion bags for wines requiring a faster turnaround.  

“Launching a full range of oak alternatives has been a goal of mine for many years” said Jean-Charles Vicard, owner of the Vicard Group of Cooperages.  “However, I was committed to offering a range of products that came as close as possible to replicating a barrel not just one flavor”.  Drawing on the state-of-art technologies at the cooperage and having one of the largest inventories of stave wood in the industry on their 20-acre wood yard in Cognac has allowed the group to offer this unique oak alternative program. 

The weOAK® range of product now includes:

  • 17mm and 11mm Tank Staves sorted by tannin or toast and yields high quality results
  • 7mm Tank Staves faster integration with great results and value pricing 
  • weSTAVE Mini (Barrel inserts) sorted by tannin level adds a second life to older barrels
  • weBLOCK:  A high quality, efficient oak solution.  Available in 6kg bags 
  • Éclats de Chêne available in 6kg bags.  A cost-efficient option to add elegant oak notes 

If you would like samples for trials in 750ml bottle, please contact us at [email protected]

About Group Vicard

Group Vicard, one of the largest family-owned cooperages groups in the world, is based in Cognac, France and includes Tonnellerie Vicard, Vicard Generation 7, weOAK®, ECO Barrels, Vicard Fouderie and Merrain du Perigord.  In addition, the Group owns Mangeard Industrie, a stainless-steel tank manufacturer. Drawing on 6 generations of oak expertise and paired with strong winery partnerships around the world, Group Vicard leads the coopering industry with innovation, reproducibility, and eco-responsibility.   



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