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Boisé® Introduces New Inspiration Staves and Inserts


Designed to Create Specific Wine Profiles and Deliver Desired French Oak Impact 

Vivelys Wine by DesignMODESTO, Calif.  (January 26, 2021) – To assist in obtaining high-quality, consistent wine profiles while reducing aging time and extending the life of used barrels, Vivelys’ Boisé® is introducing two new staves and three inserts, all made from 100% French oak, to meet the demands of winemakers wanting more flexibility and control in crafting their wines.  In addition, all 100% of Boisé® products are PEFC certified. 

“We chose to transition to solar energy and invested in 300 solar panels,” said Karine Herrewyn, Managing Director of Vivelys.  She added, “We will continue to combine our environmental commitment with the excellence, precision and consistency of our products.  We are proud to be the first in the oak industry to have 100% of our staves and inserts now toasted by solar powered energy.”

The two staves are cut from the premium section of French oak trees.  The #07.V0 oak stave is not toasted and it intensifies the “ripe” fruity aroma of wine increasing the volume and structure in mouthfeel.   The #07.FR oak stave amplifies the “fresh” fruity expression of wines along with a reinforced structure and vivacity. The two staves can be used together to bring out the best in the wine while providing the winemaker with more control in crafting the wines.

Boisé® is also introducing three 20 mm toasted barrel inserts with each designed to increase the volume, structure, and length in the mouthfeel.  Also made from 100% French oak, Boisé® is offering a #20.1 iN vanilla style, a #20.3 iN spicy style and a #20.5 iN toasty style.  The inserts, designed to ensure consistent profiles, can be used separately, or combined to provide more complexity to the wine.  The inserts extend the life of used wine barrels, saving wineries money on barrel purchases.

These new products are the latest results of Vivelys’ relentless focus on research, innovation and development. To create the new staves and inserts required Boisé® to conduct a highly efficient analytical sorting of the raw oak, establish a precise heat process and utilize its extensive knowledge of the interaction of oak and wine to ensure consistent performance and accurate oak profiles on desired wine profiles.

“Given the strong sales and popularity of Boisé® staves and chips, G3 is excited to offer these new, environmentally-friendly, innovative products to winemakers throughout North America,” said Mihailo Panovich, Vice President of Sales for G3 Enterprises.  He added, “We are confident winemakers will love the flexibility and control these products provide while helping them save money by lengthening the life of their wine barrels.”  

Vivelys’ will have a virtual booth at Unified Wine and Grape Symposium this week so stop by to chat with a sales representative.

Vivelys has long been recognized for its precision oenology and expertise on the interaction between wood and wine.  G3 Enterprises is the exclusive distributor of Vivelys’ full line of Boisé® Inspiration staves and inserts, and as well as Origine and Signature oak chips.   For more information, visit: www.vivelys.com.

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