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VIVANT Debuts the World’s First Global Livestreaming Wine Experience Platform


VIVANT Unveils First Live Experience For Rare Burgundy Pinot Noir “Simone 2018: The Soul of Clos Marey-Monge” explores the science, art and secrets behind the making of an extraordinary wine. 

PARIS, January 18, 2020 — VIVANT releases today a Live Experience dedicated to an extraordinary cuvée: Château de Pommard’s Simone. Each year, the domain produces no more than 1,800 bottles of this exclusive cuvée, available on allocation only. With six 100ml tubes of Simone 2018 in a dedicated Experience Kit, “Simone 2018: The Soul of Clos Marey-Monge” experience gives VIVANTs the opportunity to taste this remarkable wine, born from a tiny marvel of a Burgundy plot measuring just 0.53 hectares. 

Exceptional wines result from a combination of factors. With a distinctive soil composition and meticulous winemaking techniques, Simone is an unparalleled example. This new Live Experience format introduces the first experience focusing on a single cuvée, diving deep into the elements that influence the elegance, intensity and structure of this acclaimed wine. 

“We’re thrilled to tell the story of Simone on VIVANT,” said Emmanuel Sala, Château de Pommard winemaker. “We were amazed when we found out that Simone’s soil holds Burgundy’s record for the highest internal surface of clay. Simone is living proof that Mother Nature provides us all the ingredients we need to produce exceptional wines. As a winemaker, I am so happy many people who normally would not have the chance to taste Simone, can now explore her beauty and interact with me to learn how the world’s best wines are born. VIVANT is democratizing wine.” 

In the experience, VIVANTs meet Emmanuel who guides us through his nature-focused approach to producing fine wines and tells the story of the Clos Marey-Monge’s biodynamic conversion, a journey that started with Simone. When tasting Simone 2018, participants encounter the magic of terroir. The experience introduces the Simone Awards, a Château de Pommard initiative celebrating and supporting women committed to making a difference in the world around them. Wine educator and 2021 Simone Awards ambassador Tanisha Townsend (Girl Meets Glass) also shares her remarks and tasting notes on the cuvée. 

To taste Simone 2018 during the experience, members can purchase “Simone 2018: The Soul of Clos Marey-Monge” Experience Kit, available in limited quantities on VIVANT for 240€ / $234 / £218 / SGD 358 / HKD 1808. Each kit can accommodate up to six participants. For more information and to find out how to get on the

Simone allocation list, members can use the platform’s Ask a Wine Advisor chat to contact VIVANT Wine Advisors directly. 

VIVANT members have access to all the platform’s Live Experiences. Annual membership is just $149 / €149 / £149 / SGD 239 / HKD 1359 / JPY 18,169 www.vivant.eco

Experience Passes are available to members of the press. Please submit requests to Eléonore Six ([email protected]). 


VIVANT is the first wine experience platform streaming Live Experiences from wine regions around the world. Members meet the most interesting people in wine and discover the world’s best tasting wines made free of pesticides and herbicides, with respect for the consumer and the environment. Expert wine advisors host each live experience and teach how to assess wines with the platform’s groundbreaking Interactive Tasting Method and Experience Kits delivered worldwide. Advisors are available to answer questions, anywhere, anytime. Blending engaging interaction, personalized education, and lively entertainment, VIVANT brings together winemakers, wine lovers, and wine educators committed to a sustainable future. Founded in 2019, VIVANT has offices in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Join the movement at www.vivant.eco. 

Behind the name — French for “living, alive,” VIVANT reflects our passion for great tasting wines, living systems, biodiversity, clean air, clean water, healthy soils, and human health. 

VIVANT®, Live Experiences, Interactive Tasting Method, and Experience Kitare trademarks of VIVANT Inc.



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